Win My Love Back – How to Win Your Love Back Using Plain, Old-Fashioned Common Sense

“Win my love back.” I bet that has been the number one thought on your mind since your split up, hell I bet it’s been the ONLY thought on your mind.

Have you got “sick lover’s” syndrome? No appetite (or the opposite “comfort eating”), extremely depressed, frightened of being alone, and worried that your ex will find someone new? These are the most common human reactions to the loss of a long term partner.

The problem is that they spur most people forward into doing the wrong things to try and get their lover back. Either they pursue their ex to the point of nuisance, stalking them day and night or they start calling them up and apologizing for anything and everything, even worse they start promising to change pleading to be taken back, these are the very worst things you can do. All you will succeed in is pushing them further away!

What you need to use is some good old fashioned common sense.

Get a grip, it’s not the end of the world, you are still the healthy intelligent person you were when this love affair started. Now you need to make a rational cold blooded decision, are you going to try and win your love back or choose to move on in your life and find someone new?

Don’t rush this take a couple of days maybe even a week, think back over all the times you spent together and being brutally honest with yourself decide if it was really that good a relationship, was it fun, inspiring always changing never boring and dull, think it over and try and be as cold and unemotional as possible when coming to your decision.

For those of you who decide to move on, good luck and good wishes to you and may you find true love at some future time. To those of you who want to rekindle their relationship this following advice is meant to form the first small basic steps to a much larger overall plan to get your ex partner back.

Start by completely ignoring your ex for a while, sure stay in the same circle of friends, but do not pay them any attention whatsoever, if they talk to you fine, be polite and kind, but completely business like.

You must appear strong, happy and undamaged by recent events, even a little cold and aloof would be cool. This will so get inside their head, they will not understand or be able to make any sense at all from your behaviour. That is exactly what we want.

It would also be a very good idea to have a couple of dates with someone else from your group of friends or just someone else who knows your past partner, a little jealously goes along way believe me.

It is imperative that at all time you appear happy and content with your life, no one wants to date a sour faced, crying bleeding-hearted wimp, male or female.

Spend some time concentrating on yourself, yes have some YOU time. Get fitter lose some weight, buy some new clothes, hang out with your friends, go to the movies, restaurants, in short whatever makes you happy.

As I said earlier this is just the basis for a much larger step by step plan to get your ex back.

Look, I know how it feels to lose the love of your life. I have been there and been through it. You can actually get your ex back if you just follow this plan. It ain’t rocket science! I’ve got a video guide for you at my website that is guaranteed to get your lost love back [] in no time.

It is actually much easier to speak to real people who have been there and done that, than to a pay a specialist to give you canned information about making relationships work. The most remarkable thing that I found following the end of my relationship was that there is a strategy that is easy to follow and proven to work for hundreds of couples who have used it previously.

This system is proven to work time and time again. Be Positive and Take action NOW []! You are now taking the same steps that I took when I lost the love of my life. I was lucky enough to discover the maker of that video, someone who is a specialist on relationship counselling and psychology an expert called T ‘Dub’ Jackson.

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