I Want My Boyfriend to Feel Intense Attraction For Me! Learn How to Keep Him Addicted to You

When you are addicted to something, you surely can’t get enough of this object. You would want to always have it beside you. As a woman, it’s but natural for you to also want this same effect on your boyfriend. Here are some ways for you to keep him addicted to you at all times:

Take care of yourself and look your best all the time.
Your boyfriend won’t ever be immune from all the pretty and sexy girls around him. You need to make sure that he doesn’t fall for any of these temptations so you have to be beautiful. Learn how to be physically fit as well by watching your diet and by regularly working out.

Remember what it is that makes you irresistible.
You need to get to know your boyfriend more and learn what it is in you that he likes best. If not, look back and try to recall what made him fall for you in the first place. If you know exactly what to do to make his heart ache for you, then you can try doing this every time.

Continue to show your love and affection.
Believe it or not, your man loves it when you always express how much you love him and that you don’t hesitate to show your affection. This makes him feel important and appreciated. Do not forget to tell him how great he is each moment that you can.

Know how to give the best company.
He would want to be with you every minute if he knows that he wouldn’t get as much fun with anyone else. Try beating out even his best buddies when it comes to being a great company. Make sure that when he thinks of a person to be with that you are at the very top of his list.

Understand him and accept him for who he is.
When he makes mistakes, help him change and become a better person. Inspire him to become his best possible self. He would always want to be with you when he knows that there is no one else who can inspire him to become his best self.

Let him have a life of his own.
Your man would always be happy to be in this relationship if you let him have his own space. The danger of having a partner is having to lose your identity because you two do the same things all the time. If you want him to get hooked on you, then you have to let him discover who he is outside of your relationship.

Be the best he’s ever had – especially in bed.
Beat everyone else he’s ever had when it comes to every aspect of being his girlfriend. More importantly, show how great you are in bed. Sexually satisfy him each time and he’d surely stick it out with you.

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