Veteran Coping With Government Shutdown 2013

I am a Texas resident and totally appalled at the leadership in the Republican Party as well as the Tea Party. Their views are very narrow-minded and out of touch with the actual national economic standing of the United States of America. Under the current administration, we are recovering from one of the greatest recessions since the Great Depression, our big three auto companies have rebounded from financial loss, unemployment levels have gone down, our national debt is decreasing, our military commitment in the middle east is greatly reduced, health care is now available for many Americans that had no alternatives, and the stock market is currently at one of the highest rates in the past decade. You stated that you would debate any one on these issues. The points previously mentioned are clear facts are and the average American citizen is not as gullible as some politicians attest to. Many understand the reality and can see pass political fast-talking jargon.
I am a 20 year retired Sergeant First Class from the U.S. Army. I am an 80% disabled veteran as a result of my dedicated military service to defend the freedom of our nation. I am also a highly decorated wartime service member. I have been working at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for approximately 11 years to continue my federal service. I am dedicated to upholding the standard that was instituted in the VA by its Executive Branch Founder – President Abraham Lincoln. He stated that our governmental organization was to continually “care for those who have borne the battle, their widows, and their orphans”. I am neither a democratic or republican constituent but a supporter of the best candidate that upholds the laws, regulations, and guidelines that are demanded by our national legal system.

I was furloughed Tuesday October 8, 2013 as a result of a government shut-down which is solely based on disagreements of a Republican Party, influenced by the Tea Party, considering the Affordable Health Care Act being available for all Americans to have health care. The Affordable Health Care Act has been ratified by the Supreme Court and President of the United States.

A basic history lesson will affirm that the United States of America is a democratic nation that is governed by three branches of government, The Executive Branch – President, the Legislative Branch – Congress (Senate & House of Representatives), and Judicial Branch – Supreme Court. This distribution of power as established by the Constitution of the United States in Articles I, II, & III. Our U.S. Senate is controlled by the Democratic Party and the U.S. House of Representatives is controlled by the Republican Party, over which you preside. A little simple math lets one know that two branches of government (Executive & Judicial) and one half of the Legislative Branch (Senate) favors the Affordable Health Care Act which equates to 83% of the Three- Fold National Governing Power. 17 % of our governmental power is causing havoc in our nation with all the furloughs throughout numerous agencies as well as hindering our nation from functioning appropriately in its duties to all its citizens.

One key duty of Congress is to establish a budget each year on October 1st to the best interest of our country. This has nothing to do with personal opinions against a majority approved mandate in national legislature, The Affordable Health Care Act, to which some have cleverly coined the term “Obama Care” to undermine the credibility of this current administration.

Government officials were elected to perform their duties without a biased decision-making process. They took an oath of office to which they affirmed that they would perform their duties to the best of their natural abilities. Politicians are expected to perform their jobs appropriately as not to bring hardship on American citizens that have nothing to do with passing a budget, which is within the scope of your normal appointed duties. I do not see any withholding of government officials in Washington D.C. paychecks or any dangers in health care for themselves or their families. We are receiving undue backlash from these needless political confrontations of both political parties. Political negotiations on Affordable Health Care Act and raising of the debt ceiling should be resolved by both parties coming to the table without having to shut down the government for leverage.

Politicians need to review the first three articles of the Constitution of the U.S. of America and reiterate their commitment to our nation’s laws. Many sleep easy each night with the continued undue actions they impose on the American people while maintaining their own monetary compensation and federal benefits.

It is truly time to put up or shut up! Enough is enough!

I will continue to pray for our government.

Lord Jesus please help us in this time of distress!

God Bless America My Home Sweet Home!


Kevin E. Wise
SFC Retired US Army
Military Service Coordinator – Dept of Veterans Affairs (VA)
Fort Hood, Texas

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