Is He Using Me? Surefire Ways To Discover The Truth Now!

I have seen countless relationships in the past end where a woman thought that her partner genuinely loved and cared for her when in reality he was just using her. There are a number of ways in which men try to take advantage of women. Some men buy expensive gifts and have expensive dinners to try to lure women, while others just pretend to have emotions for her when in reality he just cares about sex. Here are several very effective methods you can use to discover whether he genuinely cares about you or not.

Does he make time for you?

Does he ever take time out of his normal routine to spend time with you? It should be his duty as your partner to take time out of his daily schedule to be able to spend with you. If he does not do this, and considers taking time out for you to be more of a chore than anything else, he is probably using you.

Is he being a “sugar daddy”?

I have known many guys who will only come around if I had a problem that needed to be taken care of, whether I needed a bit of money or my car tire went flat. On the surface, it may look like he’s just trying to be a helpful boyfriend, but if you analyze his actions more closely you will realize that there is a lot more to

it. Whether he is giving you money or taking care of some other problem, he is basically helping you out in return for sex. These kinds of guys will never be around to help you out if they have to make compromises of their own or if they realize that they won’t get any sex in return.

Does he return your calls and texts?

If a guy is not returning your calls or texts, he probably isn’t very concerned about you. If you share a strong emotional bond with your partner, he would be the one to call and text you, and with the technology we have today, there is no reason for him to not return your calls. If you aren’t too aware of what’s going on in his life, this is a clear red flag to find out.

Do you enjoy “meaningful” activities together?

Do you ever share time together just for talking and bonding? Or does the relationship seem to be built around sex? A healthy genuine relationship will involve activities like having picnics together, going out on dates, and just spending any sort of quality time with each other where you can share your thoughts and feelings. If sex is the main activity in the relationship, then he is definitely using you.

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