How to Use Your Feminine Charm to Get Your Husband Back Home – Where He Belongs

One aspect of using so called “underhanded tactics” to get your ex back that might be causing you to hesitate is the question of whether or not you will be found out. Will he figure out what you’re doing and could this kill any chance of ever getting back together with him? This is one of the most ingenious parts of using a psychologically based plan to win him back. The part of the brain that we are dealing with is such an instinctual part of a man’s being that even if he did figure out that you were intentionally messing with his mind he would still be helpless to do anything other than react to the stimulus.

So, no…even if he did become wise to what was going on it wouldn’t matter. But normally the emotions and thoughts that are going through his head won’t allow him to do much else other than put everything he has into getting back where he belongs which is with you. It is very similar to the reaction that a body goes through when hit with a tazer. No matter how much he might wish to stop convulsing and no matter how much he might want to run away, his body simply won’t let him. You will be dealing with the part of the brain that tells his body to breathe in and out… the part of his brain that is responsible for the “knee jerk reaction”… the same part of the brain that causes him to pull his hand away when he touches something hot. There is no logical thought process that goes on and it is all instinct and a part of his brain that is hard wired to react in a certain predictable way to a certain stimulus.

The question still remains though of whether it is ethical and OK for you to use male psychology to get your ex back. Do you feel as if this course might give you an unfair advantage or make you feel as if you aren’t playing by the rules? The effectiveness has been proven and history has shown that this is nothing new in the area of human relations. The choice is yours to make based upon how much you really want to get him back and to what degree you want to use male psychology to bring about that end. The tools are there if you want to use them and ultimately the choice is up to you.

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