Why Trust is a Crucial Element to a Successful Relationship

Trust is one of the main pillars that an intimate, successful relationship is built upon. Trust means the ‘firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability or strength of someone or something. Any long-term relationship must have trust as a priority in their union. Without it the partnership will not be an easy one!

With trust

Just like communication, intimacy, openness and honesty we also want to be able to trust our intimate partner. In a relationship based on trust people feel happy and at ease. Both parties usually feel balanced and accepted.

Living in a relationship with trust means

– being able to settle in the knowing that your partner is keeping their word

– living with ease and calmness, whether your partner physically is around or not

– feeling calm and safe in the relationship

– enjoying the consistency of actions, words and behaviors

– clarity in interactions with your partner

– feeling self-confident

Without trust

If you think back to a phase in your past or current relationship where you felt unsatisfied or insecure I bet that the level of trust was unstable, low or just been tested by a ‘trust-breaker’. A ‘trust-breaker’ can be anything from lack of information, deliberately lying or leaving out details of what has been happening to deceit and affairs. Staying in a relationship with lack of trust can damage your sense of self-worth and dignity over time.

Living in a relationship without trust means

– wondering about whether your partner is really the person they appear to be

– not being sure if your relationship is going to continue

– doubting each other’s words, behaviors and actions

– questioning your partner’s intent

– being in a constant state of alert

– feeling a lack of self-confidence

If you have been living in a relationship without or with not enough trust ask yourself whether you want to continue with it, whether it can be improved or if it is time to move on.

Improving and repairing trust

If you are committed to your relationship and want to improve or repair trust, make it a priority. Both you and your partner need to agree on it being important. The next step is to discuss what both of you need to be able to trust. Write down what specific words, actions and behavior increase your trust in each other, and which of those will have a negative effect. Consistency, confidentiality, reliability, trust and honesty are important elements to remember.

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