Top Ten Ways to Use LOA to Build a Better Relationship

Some people in relationships feel like a lot of what’s happening is happening to them. That is a powerless feeling. I don’t believe you can use Law of Attraction to change someone else. However, I do believe that using Law of Attraction tools can lay the energetic groundwork for two people to be better than they would be otherwise. LOA is powerful stuff. It’s working all the time. Why not use it to your advantage where it matters the most?

1. Self Love. The Universe can only treat you as well as you treat yourself. (tweetable!) That probably also goes for your beloved. Self love is the foundation of all relationships, and everything else for that matter. So, amping up your self love vibration will only produce good things in your relationship.

2. Self Care. Some might think that is the same thing as self love, but it’s not. Taking care of yourself and your own needs is the best way to prevent a codependent and needy pattern of behaviors from forming in your relationship. Not to mention, helps you generate more energy to share in a relationship. Committing to solid self care is in fact a selfless act.

3. Appreciation. Appreciation is seriously probably the valuable tool in the Law of Attraction arsenal when it comes to relationships. A little appreciation goes a long way. A lot of appreciation can create miracles.

4. Visualization. Spending just a minute or two everyday visualizing how you’d like to experience your beloved really works. You might consider it prepaving. It opens the door for the Universe to deliver what we want vs. what we’ve come to expect.

5. Honor the Divine. Commit to seeing your partner as an extension of divine source energy. This might be easier sometimes than others. However, commitment is the key. Making the choice to see your beloved as THE BELOVED, allows your relationship to take on a much more sacred dimension and flourish on a whole new level

6. Use a mantra. Trust me, it works. Try repeating, “I am madly in love with (insert your Sweeties name here), twenty or thirty times a day, everyday. Magic!

7. Double your manifesting power. Talking about, imagining, visioning, and creating an ideal future together, has twice the manifesting punch. Be intentional about creating time to create together.

8. Create a sacred space. We all know that sacred spaces have a special kind of power. They are primed with some extra special juice. Make your bedroom a sacred monument for your relationship and treat it as such.

9. Spend time together in silence. Tandem meditation is incredibly powerful. Just spending 15 minutes a week together in silence, maybe holding hands can build intimacy in very surprising ways.

10. Expect the best. When two people have been together for a long time they tend to think they know what their partner is going to do or say most of the time. When we’re expecting good things, that’s great. When we’re anticipating not so good things, we’re rarely surprised. Build your positive expectation muscles and be prepared to see how your partner surprises you.

** Bonus tip **

Become the kind of person you want to be in love with.

Lisa Hayes is an LOA Relationship Coach and Author of How to Escape from Relationship Hell and the Passion Plan. She is also co-founder of Good Vibe Coaching Academy, specializing in LOA Coach training. To get Lisa’s FREE Audio, “How to Talk to a Man” Click here []

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