Top 10 Lies Men Tell To Women

When it comes to saving their backs, impressing someone or getting out of an awkward situation, there is nothing that men would not say to women. No matter if you fall for the manly fibs or not, you should stop asking yourself why men lie and try to figure out if you are ready for the truth behind them.

1. “I would never lie to you”

You do not need any relationship tips to know that there is no truth in those words. Everybody lies sooner or later, motivated or not.

2. “No, you didn’t gain weight”

So you got a bit rounder. Do not ask your partner if he thinks so too. He will always deny it to avoid upsetting you or to prevent a fight. On the other hand, it would hurt to hear that you did gain weight and he would love it if you could lose a few pounds, so you may want to refrain from asking for his opinion.

3. “I don’t think your friend is pretty”

You have a pretty friend and everybody can see that. If you do not want to hear your partner telling a lie, do not ask him if he feels the same way. Men contemplate beauty just like women do, but they hate being held responsible for that. In order to avoid a scene of jealousy, they will say no, even when your friend is a beauty icon.

4. “I love you for your soul, not for your body”

When a man says that, he actually means that you should start dieting and work out more. It does not mean that he does not love your beautiful soul, but he would be happier loving a beautiful body as well.

5. “You are too good for me”

“… but not too good for someone else” might be the truthful sequel of this sentence. When you hear it, consider it a red flag! It means that your man is ready to move on and leave you behind.

6. “I will be home in a bit”

There is nothing wrong with these words, except that, usually, your partner has a different interpretation of what “bit” means. If you want to avoid misunderstanding, try to get the estimation in minutes or hours.

7. “I will call you soon”

This line is a classic, usually after first dates. Any dating advice column points it out as a lie. What he really means is: “I don’t think I want to see you again”.

8. “I only had one beer”

The problem with men and beer is that, after they drink the first one, they seem to forget how to count the ones following. When he says he only had one, it usually means he has had two or three.

9. “We will talk about this later”

If he does not want to talk about things now, he will not want to talk about them later either. He just hopes you will forget or let go, so that you can avoid an argument.

10. “I promise I will change”

People don’t change. They do their best to refrain from certain things, they even succeed for a while, and, then, they go back to their old habits. If you love your partner, don’t ask him to change. Talk things out and find the middle way, compensate the bad with the good.

Lies are considered a necessary evil by many people. Before you decide that you want the truth, make sure you can live with it. When you here the phrases above, think of what the truth behind them may be. You may prefer the lie in the end, and you would not be the only one.

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