Tips and Suggestions for Family Thanksgiving Activities

Thanksgiving is an important holiday for Americans.

It is one of the days when the family is complete and dinner is special. There’s turkey and cranberry sauce and all the shopping on Black Friday. Year in and year out, this is what happens during the Thanksgiving holidays. It’s part of our culture; it’s part of who and what we are.

If you think that it’s time for you and your family to do something new and exciting this Thanksgiving, read on and find out what your choices are.

1. Bring your family to the Hollywood Christmas Parade, which takes place on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This year, the spectacular event will usher in the holiday season with a pre-parade show at 5:30 pm. The parade’s Grand Marshal is Criminal Mind’s Joe Mantegna, who is also the national spokesperson for the US Army Museum. Celebrities will take part in the event and a variety of spectacular attractions (like marching bands, horse dancers, and beautifully designed floats) await you and your family.

2. If Hollywood is too far for you, then your best option is to bring the whole family to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. As in the Hollywood Christmas Parade, there will be attractive floats and marching bands. The parade’s signature giant balloons also draw a lot of attention every year. It’ll be fun to see your kids have a grand time celebrating Thanksgiving in the streets of New York!

3. Run or walk with the family. The Turkey Trot is one of the activities organized by communities across the nation. This Thanksgiving activity is not just a healthy way of indulging in fun, it is also one way of supporting good causes.

4. You and your family can cook Thanksgiving dinner together. You can assign simple tasks to your kids, while you and your wife take care of the bigger responsibilities. It will not only make Thanksgiving dinner preparations easier and more fun, it can also help strengthen family ties.

5. Play a game. Board games, computer games, and old-fashioned outdoor games are the best choices. Some favorites are Scrabble, Pictionary, Twister, Wii games, and Freeze Tag or Dodgeball.

6. Let the kids join in the Thanksgiving fun by organizing a holiday decoration making contest. The one who comes up with the most creative and festive decoration will win a special prize. You can ask relatives to act as judges.

7. Of course, there should be a lot of “thanking” on Thanksgiving, so here are a number of creative ways you can consider:

– Create a Tree of Thanks. If you do not want to use the tree in your backyard, use a self-made miniature tree. The leaves should be made in such a way that they can be easily plucked and placed back into the tree (by clipping or pasting, perhaps). Have each family member pick a leaf and ask them to write their thank you message on it.

– Using a journal or clean notepad, come up with a blessing book. Ask each family member to write down one or two blessing/s they received in the past months. The children can paste pictures or draw as this will make the activity more fun and interesting for them. Keep this journal and use it every year. Each family member should add a blessing or two every Thanksgiving.

– More creative alternatives for the Thanksgiving journal and Tree of Thanks is the Wall of Thanks. Simply set up a small graffiti wall-like area in one part of your house and ask each family member to write their thank you message on the wall. Using old Thanksgiving tablecloths will also be a good idea. Use a good marker for the messages so that they come out clear and legible.

Finally, do not forget to give thanks for the food (and all the other blessings) before you partake in the feast. Here are some Psalms and prayer verses that you can use:

Psalm 107:1

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; His love endures forever.”

Psalm 75:1

“We give thanks to You, O God, we give thanks, for Your Name is near; men tell of Your wonderful deeds.”

A Thanksgiving Prayer

“Heavenly Father, on Thanksgiving Day

We bow our hearts to You and pray.

We give You thanks for all You’ve done

Especially for the gift of Jesus, Your Son.

For beauty in nature, Your glory we see

For joy and health, friends and family,

For daily provision, Your mercy and care

These are the blessings You graciously share.

So today we offer this response of praise

With a promise to follow You all of our days.”

Happy Thanksgiving, work at home dads!

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