How To Talk Dirty To Girls – How To Seduce A Girl Through Words

Knowing the art of dirty talk can help you a lot in seducing your girl and having a wonderful sex experience. However, the kind of words you need to use and the effectiveness will all depend on the woman you are trying to seduce. Here are some steps to help you master dirty talking.

The first thing you need to do is to start slow. You should not rush things especially when it comes to sex. Some women might be turned off if you start talking dirty suddenly. You need to weigh things first and see if the woman is open to this.

The second thing to know is the perfect timing. Do not randomly talk dirty. You need to know the perfect time when to do it. One of the best situations is when the heat is on. This is when both of you are already aroused and are looking forward to sharing the bed together. The time before orgasm is also great because this is the time when things should not necessarily be logical.

The third useful thing to learn the art of dirty talking is to learn the art of fantasy storytelling. Women are very interested in fantasy stories especially if it is their partner’s story. Therefore, do not be afraid to share your daydreams with your girl. Tell her what you want. Who knows? She may be helpful in making the fantasy become a reality.

The fourth thing is to know the two types of dirty talk. The first type is the soft-core. This is the kind of dirty talk that does not involve very sexual words. You can just tell the girl how pretty she is and how happy you are to be with her at that moment. You can also tell her how much you love her and how much you care for her. It is always useful to start with these words because they are the safest. Use it to make the atmosphere lighter before you go into the more naughty expressions. The hard-core dirty talk, on the other hand, involves the real dirty words. In here, you can use very vulgar expressions. You can tell the girl where you want to touch her or where you want to be touched. You can also use swearing words that will help you keep up the heat of the moment. Hard-core expressions are the words that should be kept between the two of you only.

The fifth thing is to mean what you say. Everything you say to your partner should come from your heart. They should be sincere no matter how naughty they are. You should be able to make your partner feel comfortable and to gain her trust as well. You do not have to memorize things. You just need to be yourself and say what you really feel. It is also important to learn how to effectively say the words. Saying them with groans and whispers can make your partner feel more aroused.

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