Strengthen Relationships With Your Loved Ones Via a New Type of Gift

Let’s imagine that you are invited to a celebratory party for a significant other or family member. You arrive, express the appropriate wishes, and present your loved one with a $50 banknote. We don’t think this person will be too happy with your gift. Why?

Why do we often prefer to present our friends and relatives with memorable gifts instead of money? Even when we’re not sure what to get someone, we tend to opt for the slightly more favorable gift basket or gift certificate (instead of the banknote or check), all the while understanding that these still feel dull and traditional. The answer, or course, is that the thought (or gift idea) matters; the more personal or unique a gift is, the more our gift recipient will feel appreciated.

If we consider ourselves creative, we like to impress our loved ones with really unique gifts. But sometimes these are hard to come by. What would you say, though, to the idea of creating a unique gift through a personalized project?

Your project may be associated with your friend/relative’s hobby, home, favorite entertainment, health/beauty, etc. If it’s hard to create such a gift yourself, you can always ask for help.

Some part-time job seekers will be glad to help you – you’ll simply need to let them know that you are the gift originator — and sometimes you might even be the right person to help others realize their unique gift ideas!

Here are some examples of projects, just to stir your creativity:

I am looking for someone to plant a blossoming rose bush under my sister-in-law’s window on her birthday. She lives in a different city/state than I do;
I’d like to order a French language course for my friend, who plans on traveling to France soon;
I am looking for someone to provide a course in Thai massage for my mother, who lives in Philadelphia (I live in Miami);
I’d like to request a guide who can show my brother San Francisco during his first trip there;
I’m looking for someone who can bake and deliver a big, unique cake (my recipe) for my girlfriend’s birthday;
Dress up as Santa Claus for my grandson who lives in Ohio (while I am in Arizona.)
And so on…
With each of these examples, and their numerous variations, the possibilities are endless!

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