St Patrick’s Day Celebrates the Building of Ministries and Places of Worship Around IRELAND

**St. Patrick’s Day- A reminder of how faith has always played a role in the human experience. St. Patrick’s Day-Celebrated because a saint cared enough about the importance of spreading his faith- to spread, “THE WORD OF GOD.”- Building ministries and places of worship around IRELAND. Pray at any time of day or night. Meditate, feel great, reduce stress and unplug for a few moments a day! Do it your way, your time and respect a few moments a day for your own space!

Faith is the fabric of our being; we all believe in something, or someone outside of ourselves.

**St. Patrick was a messenger, and through his medium, wanted to share the joy and peace that his faith brought him, sharing and caring, with all those souls who gave him a chance, by listening to his internal message to design buildings for people to congregate and worship in peace and through unity.

**St. Patrick listened to his internal message to initiate the building of houses of worship for others to have and to hold time, gathering and praying in an interconnected way to empower each other, while learning and sharing by internal revelation and shared-spoken messages.

St. Patrick was an inspirational English or Scottish missionary to Ireland, he offered Pagans and Christians and many people alike the knowledge, arming people with information and how he processed his faith was one way, that many Pagans realized of the truth of the HOLY One and they made their own decision to follow and believe in the words in the message that resonated with them the most. Convert is an inappropriate term; a verb wrongly used to describe many saints, as nobody can ever be converted against their own,”FREE WILL.”One may be physically prohibited from movement, though faith or lack thereof is not a conversion, but a choice and an internal freedom that we are all born with that NOBODY can control. ** We are all-equipped with the mental acuity to discover, learn, challenge or dismiss any word, directions, instruction, enlightenment or guidance that we do or do not accept as our own truth as individuals.GOD bless St. Patrick and all of those others that came before him for challenging popular beliefs and for hosting their own road to guide followers and to serve as a transmuted energy, guilt-free and done with finesse and clarity. ** HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY; THIS YEAR; AND FOREVER… ~ thanks for reading today_ St. Patrick’s Day-Celebrates the Building of Ministries and Places of Worship Around IRELAND.
***I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously!

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