Special Occasions For Customized Ornaments

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Lights are going up, malls are filling up with shoppers eager to find that perfect gift, and faces are all aglow. Families are pulling out their own stash of Christmas decorations, a merry tune playing in the background as adults untangle lights and garlands. The tree stands in one corner of the living room, bare and ready to be adorned with customized ornaments.

Rather than having the tree look exactly like every other tree on the block, custom-made ornaments set it apart and give it life. They can be displayed proudly for all to see at holiday gatherings. The host has no problem showing them off to friends and family when they come over. As these ornaments are pulled out each year, families take comfort in knowing that their treasures will never grow old or out of style.

Customized ornaments represent more than just Christmas. They tell a story of a person, or even a whole family. They represent the tastes and interests of the owners. Sometimes, they can even represent special occasions or specific causes.

Baby ornaments

The baby’s first ornament doesn’t have to be the same little boy on a rocking horse that anyone can find in any retail outlet. A baby ornament can be personalized with the infant’s name and picture. Parents can create their own special design for their child, even adding their precious baby’s birth date.

Couple’s ornaments

They are seen every year: “Our First Christmas,” framed in cute little hearts, maybe even with the year stamped on them. What about one that speaks volumes about a personal relationship? Couples can add their favorite picture of the two of them, or perhaps a note about how long they’ve been together. Some can design the ornament around their favorite activity, or a place that is special for both of them.

Memorials and Causes

Christmas is a time of joy, but it can also be a bittersweet time as people remember loved ones who are lost or suffering. Remember them by ordering an ornament dedicated to that person. It may be a pink ribbon emblazoned with the name of an aunt who died of breast cancer, or a yellow star for that cousin deployed overseas.


Create an ornament centered around family. Perhaps a cluster of snowmen, one for each member, can sit dangling from an evergreen branch. Parents can adorn their family tree with ornaments representing Santa’s helpers named after each of the small helpers in their own family. Some ornaments may be a family photo frame, perhaps even with a name and the date stamped on it.

The possibilities are nearly limitless for personalized Christmas ornaments. Use them to remember a special occasion or a loved one, or create one centered around a favorite hobby. Add personal details like names or dates, or further customize it with favorite colors and other designs. Some can represent memories, such as a memorable family vacation. As a gift for loved ones, close friends, or even the boss at work, a personal Christmas ornament adds a special touch that is unique and unforgettable.

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