Solid Relationship Advice For Women! Vital Keys You Shouldn’t Miss at Any Possible Cost

It’s hard holding on to the man of your dreams which is why relationship advice for women is always a hot topic. In this case, the advice you can expect listed here is not your run-of-the-mill, try hard to hang on to your guy, but advice that allows you to keep your dignity intact.

Don’t try too hard on yourself

Desperation breeds contempt, so avoid living for your guy. You need to recognize that your needs are important too, and if you can meet those needs, you will be better equipped to deal with his.

Don’t be afraid to lean on him

For years men have been taught to be the stronger sex. Let’s not try to take that away from him now. After all, it does not matter who appears to be stronger, but who can have the courage to admit weakness and ask for help. Just don’t do it too often because then that turns you into a wimpy dependent.

Take care of his stomach

Feed him or make him happy with good food. Men are a victim of their appetite, and if you are a superb cook, treat him often to great meals. If you have no idea how to pout together a meal, then either learn how to cook, or bring him to places that serve fantastic food.

Try new things together

This can pertain to anything – sex, travel, adventure, hobbies, or food. There’s always a moment when you bind yourself as a couple because of new experiences. Just make sure that not all the new ideas come from you, and if he’s not interested, don’t force it.

Don’t over communicate

Learn to be quiet and don’t feel uncomfortable with silence. There’s something magical about being quiet together without any negative vibes. Also, men don’t really enjoy too much chatter.

Have a life

Keep your friends. Keep your job. Don’t make sudden changes in your life to make room for his life. Think any changes through, and do it because it makes sense to change, not because you want to always be with him, especially if he does not encourage it.

Never lie

The devious and despicable acts women do will always cause a relationship to fail. Avoid insincerities, lies, and tall stories. No matter how awful the truth may be, don’t lie about it. If you want, keep quiet until you muster the courage to admit the truth. If you end up lying and you’re caught, the result will be your worst nightmare.

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