So What Attracts Women?

It’s so important to get your mindset and attitude right when your goal is to attract women. It’s important you realize that it’s not so much about how much money you have in the bank, what you own, or the actual words you use.

Instead, you’re much better off focusing on the way you behave, and the beliefs you hold in mind as you interact with attractive women. Whilst a woman’s appearance is a major factor for guys, a man’s ‘looks’ are far less influential in determining how attracted she feels.

These are the attributes that women find most attractive:

1) Confidence

A confident man is very appealing to women. Basically, developing yourself into a confident guy is crucial when attracting women. As far as women are concerned, a man who shows confidence clearly recognizes the value he has to offer the world, and this quality attracts girls like a bee to honey.

She’s almost powerless to resist.

To a large extent, you can demonstrate ‘confidence’ by systematically eliminating any signs of insecurity in the way you behave. True, it may time time to achieve this. Although, the benefits you’ll enjoy as a result make it one of the best things you can possibly do.

2) Be ‘Unflappable’

So, what’s all this about?

Ultimately, this is about keeping your composure, regardless of how hectic things become. Despite people having a go at you or being negative, you can detach yourself from all of that and feel good at all times. Women are automatically attracted to an emotionally independent man. They want to see that your happiness is not dependent on getting validation from them. That’s why a woman will very often test a man right at the start of an interaction, simply to work out if you have this quality of ‘unflappability’. Stay calm, and you will pass the test.

Practice being ‘unflappable’.

3) Have Fun And Lead The Way

When you demonstrate to a woman your fun and leadership qualities, she can’t help but find you attractive. This is due to the fact that women prefer men to lead in a way that feels ‘fun’. Therefore, just focus on piling on the laughter while at the same time guiding the direction of the conversation, and you’ll achieve great success in your interactions with women.

So those are 3 great qualities that attract women to men. Make sure that you and the woman you’re with are enjoying yourselves, as you take the lead in a way that is both confident and emotionally independent. Cultivate these qualities, and the attraction women feel for you will happen automatically.

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