How Do I Show A Girl I’m Not Like Other Guys?

This is a question we all ask ourselves as young men. The short and simple answer is you don’t want to be unlike other guys. Maybe a little different, maybe a bit better, but what else are you if you are not a guy?

The long answer is showing a girl that you are not like other guys puts you into a weird category, mostly the friend category. To girls guys are the opposite sex. They are supposed to like them. Guys are vulgar and (sometimes) dirty. They are somewhat childish but that’s fine because guys make up for it by being a protector and a provider. She will allow you top be a little boy every now and then as long as you take care of business. Guys are never perfect but women expect that. Once you start becoming the ‘perfect’ guy you scare them off! They are not sure what to do or say, so they put you on the side until they can figure you out. Until then, however, she will go out with all those other guys that aren’t like you!

So our advice? Be a guy, or in other words, be yourself! Don’t put yourself on another level that she’s not comfortable dealing with. Relationships grow and always become something else other than what they started. The situations you two will eventually go through will help determine how good of a guy you truly are, but you need to find out what she thinks a good guy is. Refrain from being to friendly by throwing in some criticism here and there. The more you say they are perfect the more they think you are lying. Girls know when there is something wrong, just don’t point it out in front of everyone and don’t point out things she cannot possibly change.

Finally, don’t put a label on anything so fast. You will limit all the fun things you and her can do if you are boyfriend and girlfriend. You can have a much better time but just being around and letting things happen. Let her know that you are interested in her, but don’t go too far and start doing every little thing for her and do not go out of your way to do anything for her. Sounds strange but once again she will feel awkward especially if she doesn’t feel like she deserves it.

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