Should I Tell Him I Like Him?

You really like this guy but he seems clueless on how you feel. He just doesn’t get it… and you are getting frustrated and a little anxious incase some other girl comes along and grabs his attention. What should you do with what you feel for him? Should you tell him that you like him?

1. Is there any chemistry between the two of you? Yes you like him but does he like you back? If his body language tells you that he likes you then you can take a risk and tell him that you like him but be sure that he really does like you. Sometimes you can imagine chemistry from him when you like a man a lot so observe him carefully before you decide if he really does like you. If possible get verification from mutual friends and acquaintances.

2. Show him obviously that you like him. You can tell him you like him by flirting with him and letting him see your feminine attractive side. Smile at him while looking directly at him… and then look away but keep stealing obvious glances at him… and smiling like you know something he doesn’t. You want to use body language to tell him that you like him.

3. If he is already a friend. It easy to talk to a friend and since you already have a relationship you can use that friendship to find out how he feels about you. You can ask him directly or indirectly depending on how you see the conversation going. The problem with telling a friend that you like him is that if he doesn’t feel the same way then it will feel awkward between the two of you for a while… especially when he gets a girlfriend. So observe him carefully before you say anything.

4. If you hardly know him. This type of guy is harder to tell that you like him since you don’t know enough about him to know how to proceed. You will thus need to find out ways to start a conversation with him. You of course do not want to tell him that you like him at the beginning as that may spook him. But as you talk and he begins to reveal personal details about himself… and you reveal things about yourself then you can find a way to find out his heart about you. You want to develop an interest in the man before you pour out your heart to him by telling him that you like him.

Telling a guy that you like him can work to your advantage if you do it appropriately.

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