Seven Romantic Flowers and Their Meaning

Flowers are romantic. Everyone knows that. Women love to receive them, especially when delivered their door, but how many of us know what message they are actually saying?

For instance, while red roses mean love (or ‘I love you’), yellow roses suggest that you are just friends with the person you’re giving them too – hardly the right message for a romantic partner.

And while most men are probably unaware of what the flower they’re sending are saying, if the lady in question does, you’re likely to end up in trouble – the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve with the gesture of buying flowers.

With that in mind, here are seven traditionally romantic flowers (one for every day of the week) and their meanings…

1) Acadia – unspoken love – if you have secret feelings for someone and want them to know, this is the flower for you.

2) Carnation – Red means ‘my heart aches for you’ or ‘I am fascinated with you’, but beware – Yellow means rejection or disappointment.

3) Primrose – I can’t live without you (or, for evening primrose – happy in love)

4) Orchid – these have multiple meanings, including rare beauty, refinement, long life, beautiful woman and femininity.

5) Lily – white means virginity or purity; yellow has contrasting meanings of ‘walking on air’ and ‘falsehood’; while orange means ‘I burn for you’.

6) Tulip – to declare your love, red is the colour. Meanwhile, multicoloured says ‘you have beautiful eyes’ and yellow means you’re hopelessly in love.

7) Rose – say ‘I love you’ with red, friendship with yellow, and a mixture of red and white implies togetherness. If you want to be extra romantic, a thornless rose means ‘I loved you at first sight’.

Of course, there are many more flowers with many more meanings. But if you want to send the right message to a loved one, make sure you know what the flowers mean before you do.

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