What Are the Secrets to Creating an Intense Attraction With a Man? Make Him Want You More Than Ever

Making a man get intensely attracted to you can be a very exciting game. So if you are ready for the challenge then read on and find out how you can get a man you like to get drawn to you like bees to honey.

Learn more about the guy you like
Once you have spotted the guy you like it is time to get to work. Attraction is a process and if you work methodically then you can build it very well. The first thing that you must do is to learn more about this guy. Talk discreetly to his friends or colleagues depending on the source through which you’ve met.

Use the information
Now that you have the information that you like it becomes imperative that you use it. So try to find out about the things that he likes to do, what his hobbies are, if he is into philanthropy etc. Utilize this information to focus on common activities that will make him take notice of you.

Dress the way he likes
Now that you have a fair idea about what his likes and dislikes are; dress accordingly. Keep your own sense of style intact but incorporate some of the elements such as cuts and colors that he likes. And then, make it seem like such a coincidence.

Read up on his interests
Once you know what his interests are read up and get informed. This will help you to build amazing conversations that he will enjoy immensely. Men always get attracted to women with whom they can share a good talk and if you can impress him with your conversation he will be intensely attracted to you.

Attract others around you
Men also get attracted to women who have a fan following. That you are wanted by so many others makes him desire you more and gets him intensely attracted to you. So be attractive and have a good number of fans who visibly adore you and you will find your man getting intensely attracted to you.

Be popular with his friends
Men also get very attracted to women who can be good pals with their friends. This camaraderie that you share with his friends makes him feel secure as he knows that you will not ask him to choose between you and his friends.

Be very sexy
Be a sexy siren when you want him to get intensely attracted to you. Playing hard to get occasionally also makes you sexy. So get your tricks out of the bag and attract him intensely.

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