Roommates Relationship

None of us would prefer to have roommates, I’m sure. You have to admit it, it can be hard to deal with at times depending on the situations and the people involved. Rest assured there are ways to make your arrangements a little more manageable and it all starts with respect.

Respect is the key to a successful relationship in any form. When you live with another, this must be the first thing you do. Respect someone else’s personal space, property and time.

Your room is your room and theirs is theirs. Unless you are invited in to your roommate’s private area, you shouldn’t invade it. Treat their guests as you would your own. Remember this is their home too and they deserve to have friends and family visit and be treated well.

Discuss guidelines such as music playing and volume, visiting guest, shared areas in the home, etc. Make sure everyone is on the same page. If this is successful, it won’t be very hard to communicate your concerns with your roommate.

Guidelines are a must when having roommates. Guidelines will make things run a lot smoother and everyone will know what is expected of them. If someone happens to forget the rules, it’s okay. Remember to communicate if there is an issue.

Find ways to do acts of kindness around your home. When others see you doing things like cooking for everyone, cleaning after yourself and sometimes each other, they will probably follow suit. The little things count in building good relationships and friendships.

And if a friendship doesn’t grow from the situation, that’s okay. Everyone isn’t meant to be friends, so don’t sweat it, but still remain friendly. Keep in mind it won’t always be perfect, rough patches will arise.

So it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad experience living with another. Just be sure to follow a few basic tips and make the most of it.

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