Roommate Dilemmas

It can be difficult to live with others due to the fact that we are all different. Some things you may like to do, your roommates may not. You may be complete opposites in all you do. But there are ways to make your living situations a little more bearable by understanding each other.

Just like the old saying goes, “you have to give respect to get respect.” It sounds very cliché but it couldn’t be any truer. Respect is one of the biggest issues while having roommates and everyone deserves it.

Try to understand that you want to feel at home and so does your roommate. Be polite and warm to guests of roommate, order to make your roommate feel at home. Understanding boundaries will keep a lot of confusion down.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate. Always have a set of things you want to happen or not happen while living with someone and discuss it with them. Be reasonable but if you must, set some rules or guidelines so that everyone involved is satisfied.

Having these guidelines communicated while put everyone on the same page. Don’t be too hard on your roommates though. Remember they must feel as though they are at home also.

Be kind to your roommate so that maybe a friendship can build. Do your part around the home, cook, clean up after yourself. Maybe place their mail on their bed or desk so that it is easy for them to find. Do little things that your roommate will appreciate and they may reciprocate.

If a friendship doesn’t build, that’s okay also. You may run into a few problems with your roommate here and there, but that is kind of expected when you bring two lives together. Conflict happens. Therefore it may be a good idea if you aren’t friends because you don’t want to lose a friend over roommate issues.

Following a few tips and steps can bring a great result to your roommate dilemmas. Although it could be difficult, you both can make it a little more pleasant by following the above.

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