Relationship Truths

We are attracted to people for many reasons. When they seem to appreciate us with gifts and show intimacy we feel loved and important. Rarely do we think about relationship truths but when our relationships fail, we tend to regret because of ignorance. There are relationship truths that will remain unchanged as we relate with others and this requires you to avoid acting ‘blindly’ hence causing mistakes.

As you relate you should know the other partner’s character, personality, values and reliability. Our goals are different and are sometimes guided by our beliefs. You should have common beliefs in relationship. When there are conflicting beliefs and you cannot cope with their personality, then you lack a good foundation for your relationship. The truth in such cases is that very few relationships survive and if they do they face a lot of challenges.

Sometimes when you are heartbroken, it is hard to go through it alone and you may feel attracted to your ex. Your childhood orientation determines how you handle your interactions. You can only learn this and more from journals that publish articles on relationship truths. Scholars state that when daughters improve their relationship with their mothers, they are able to relate better intimately with their partners.

Differences will always arise but the way you handle them matters a lot. The truth is, when there is no communication fights are plenty and disrespect prevails. There is a quick guide entitled ‘Learn To Fight Fair’ help card that is available for sale and can assist you in conflict resolution. You can share it with your spouse, family or friends and you can share ideas. A healthy relationship involves working as a team, facing reality and communicating effectively. All the best as you relate.

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