How to Recognize If a Man is Attracted to Me & Wants to Be With Me? Read His Mind Right Now

Sometimes you just want to be sure that a person is attracted to you before you start to get more drawn to him. If you have a person who you like but would want to know if he is attracted to you then here are the signs that you need to look out for.

He will be a little nervous in your presence
When a man is attracted to you he desperately wants to make a good impression. But this effort often leaves him feeling very nervous. If you find that this man acts nervous for no apparent reason then he is definitely attracted to you.

He will give you a lot of information about himself
A man will try to make space for himself in your life by volunteering a lot of information regarding himself. Men by nature are a little reserved, so if you find him dishing out a lot of information then you should know that he is attracted to you.

He will keep making eye contact with you
If a man is attracted to you, you will find that he will keep looking at you, He will make eye contact with you and look at you for a little bit longer than what is normal. If you find him looking at you each time you glance at him you should know that he finds you attractive and can’t help looking at you.

He will look for ways to establish physical contact when he talks to you
If you find a man making a lot of physical contact with you, albeit in a non creepy way, then he is attracted to you. Physical contact is established by men only once they get attracted to the woman. So don’t take the casual arm brushing or holding hands to help you cross the street that lightly.

He will try and tease you a bit
He will also look at teasing you a little bit if he is attracted to you. Though the teasing will not be very intense in nature, he will try to see always how much of an allowance you will make for him.

He will appear in the most unlikeliest of places
If you find yourself bumping into your man at places where you most likely shouldn’t, then he is attracted to you. He isn’t stalking you but is looking for all the opportunities to meet you.

He will offer to help you out no matter how inconvenient it might be
Lastly, if you find that this man is willing to help you at all costs and at all times irrespective of the hour then you should know that he is definitely attracted to you.

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