The Purpose of Relationship (Part 1)

It is interesting that after God created the first man, the Bible began with relationship. It demonstrated that God is a God of relationship. As a result He loves and desires relationship for the purpose of fellowship.

Because of His love for relationship and fellowship, God Himself has a family. Eph. 3:15. Some members of this family are in heaven while others are here on earth. Yet while other members of this family on earth have died, others are yet to be born.

The Basis for Human Relationship

The underlying principle for the marriage relationship is primarily for the purpose of companionship–a kind of friendship in fellowship. It is not good for the man to be alone. Gen 2:18.

Thus, according to the reasoning of the Holy Book, it is not good to be alone, not because it is evil or sinful to be alone, but because it is simply not the ideal or the model that God desires for humankind. As a result, the initiative for a partner came as a panacea for Adam’s aloneness and loneliness.

The Reason for Human Relationship

God looks for relationship and fellowship. He loves relationship and yearns for it. His actions are mostly seen and understood through the eyes of relationship. A relationship does not exist in abstract. It must be between two or more identical species. Notice how God related with humanity through Adam. Gen 3:8. Note how He connected with the human race through Noah. Gen 6:13.Also observe how He interconnected with the entire humankind through Abraham. Gen 12;3.

This is because in relationship and fellowship, God finds fulfillment. It is in relationship, He finds satisfaction. And it is in relationship that He finds a sense of accomplishment.

It is therefore little wonder that, humans now unlike God crave relationship and fellowship. Both relationship and fellowship are at the heart of every human interaction in life. The reason only a handful of people have been found to live alone and desire to continue to do so.

Thus, companionship with humankind is the fundamental essence of relationship and fellowship with God and among humankind.

Appropriateness in Human Relationship

The plants and animals God created were very good on inspection. But God did not find mutual relationship with the plants and animals. As a result, he created Adam–a human person with whom He can relate and in turn fellowship.

After creating Adam, God found that all the other created creatures were “good” companions for Adam. The only snag was that they were not suitable companions for Adam. This is important. God saw that suitability was an important ingredient for cohesive companionship in human relationship. And so, Eve was created to fill that vacuum. And Eve filled it snugly.

The lesson there is clear. Suitability, what some may prefer to call compatibility, plays a major role in human relationships. In other words, similarity as opposed to dissimilarity is at the heart of human relationship.

Discounting this factor has been the basis for needless pain in some potentially strong, promising and healthy human relationships.

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Author: Isaac I. Mowete


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