Pocahontas Costumes: Historical and Fun

Historical costumes are very popular today. If you are thinking about buying such a costume, you may want to steer away from the obvious choices. At almost every party, there are a number of people dressing as Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Ben Franklin. Not too many people dress up as Pocahontas!

In recent years, Pocahontas has received a lot of attention due to the Disney movie that was made about her life. Pocahontas was a real person and she lived a very public life. She was born in what is now the Commonwealth of Virginia. Pocahontas was an important figure even when she was young as she was the daughter of a Native American chief who was named Powhatan.

When English settlers arrived in Virginia, Powhatan and his tribe helped the settlers adjust. During one conflict between the Native Americans and the Englishmen, Pocahontas saved the life of a man named John Smith. Over time, the Englishmen and the tribesmen became very friendly. Eventually, Powhatan allowed one of the English settlers by the name of John Rolfe to marry his daughter.

Pocahontas traveled to England with her husband and took on the English name of Rebecca. She was received very well by the English, but died of pneumonia as she was getting ready to return to her home in America. She left behind her husband and a son named Thomas.

Because Pocahontas is an inspiring and positive role model for girls, you may want to explain the story to your daughter. Pocahontas was brave, honest, and kind. She also cared about the environment and the animals that lived in her native Virginia. These are all qualities that parents want to encourage their children to develop.

After hearing the real story about Pocahontas, your daughter will no doubt be inspired. Who knows, she may just request that you buy her a Pocahontas costume for Halloween! Of course, there are several different versions of the Pocahontas costume. Some costumes are more historically accurate, other costumes are based upon the Disney movie.

You can find Pocahontas costumes for adults and children at any costume shop. If none are available locally, you may want to look online. Of course, you can always make your own costume too if you are a talented seamstress.

Whether you buy a costume or make your own, you should create or buy some props. These include an Indian headband as well as moccasins for shoes. You may even want to buy a wig with long black hair to complete the look.

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