How to Play Hard to Get With Guys! These Are the Sure Shot Ways to Make Guys Chase You Around

Do you ever wonder how to get a man to chase after you or how you could get him to want you? Sometimes, a good way for him to run after you is playing hard to get, follow these steps and be chased by your man:

Don’t send a reply just as soon as you receive a message from him

Don’t give him the idea that you have been staring at your cell phone the entire day and has been waiting for a text from him. Let him wait for your reply; don’t give him the satisfaction that you’re at his beck and call.

Don’t be too available for him no matter how much he demands for your time

If you’re always there when he asks for you or when you always say yes to all of his whims, then you will give your man the idea that you exist solely for him.

Don’t appear too excited when he’s around

Don’t flash an oversized smile across your face whenever you are with him. Be discreet with your feelings and just act as casually as you could. Present a good challenge for him-make him realize that there’s more to you than meets the eye.

Don’t call him too often

If you can’t help to wait for his call, then here’s one good advice-wait some more! Give him time to miss you and make him wonder where you might be or what you are doing at the moment.

Don’t show him any signs of aggression

Be discreet and reserved. Don’t be too aggressive by jumping on him right away. Aggression may display that you want him badly, instead, be cool and wait for the right time to be with him. Another form of aggression is being confrontational. Avoid melodramatic moments with your man!

Don’t share all information about yourself

Keep him wanting to get to know you more by not divulging everything about yourself. Hold back some info and make him find out one day at a time. Spilling everything about yourself during your first meeting says a lot about your personality so try to zip it-at least for now.

Pull back just when he thinks he’s about to kiss you

Just when he thinks you’re starting to be intimate with each other, slowly revert to your shy girl role. This will further arouse his growing feelings for you. Try to use this tactic in the bedroom, too.

Playing hard to get is a way for women to gauge the eagerness of their man-learn to play everything right and you would surely bag the much-desired man there is.

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