Overcome the Fear of Loneliness to Better Your Relationships

It sucks, you’re home alone on a Saturday night, no one to call… all your friends are out doing something else, and the phone ain’t ringing. What to do, what to do…

Boredom drives us nuts when we’re locked up in the house, only looking at our Facebook, then email, then it’s back to Facebook. It feels like we’re literally GOING INSANE. But is it really in our best interest to call those people who we don’t even like talking to? Should we really be with the ones that we only hang out with when there’s no better option? Maybe you know the one’s I’m talking about.

It seems to me like most people get in a relationship with another person just because they can’t stand being by themselves. I’ve done it too, breaking up with someone, then getting in another relationship with the first person who came along and showed the slightest amount of interest in me. Never mind that we’re settling when we do this.

Think about it for a second, when we’re deeply afraid of being alone, what kind of treatment are we willing to take from another person, what kind of company are we willing to be around? Sometimes people think that a person treating them bad is better than not having anyone treat them any way at all.

Some say this is the biggest fear that a person has, of being left completely alone. Why are we are so afraid? To me it’s like, when I’m alone without anything to distract me I can see this infinitely deep hole, this abyss that is myself, that I’m mostly unknown to myself and it scares me… hope that doesn’t sound too weird. That I distract myself from knowing myself by talking to other people.

I would have done anything to get away from myself, anything to stop from truly looking at myself… but that is exactly what we as people need. We need to become comfortable with who we are, content with ourselves, whole already before we enter a relationship. Instead of taking from other people, instead of trying to get the other to fill this huge gaping wound in our spirit, we should fill it first with self-acceptance and understanding. As cliché as it sounds, how can you love someone else if you first don’t love yourself?

So I’d say let’s get to know ourselves, we’re born and die in this world completely alone, as bleak as that might seem. You’re the only person you are going to have through this whole journey of life so you might as well become a great ally to yourself, get to know the best friend you’ll ever have in this world. We should try and become whole by ourselves first, so that we can give to relationships, and stop pushing people away by our neediness, instead of just taking we should have something to give first.

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Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!

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