Omission of Truth – The Lies of Silence

It is often not what is said but what is not said that is indicative of the truth. Most leaders in politics, religion, commerce or industry know the advantage of omission. Rather than tell unpalatable truths they will remain silent on issues that serve to disadvantage them.

It is not of course only in politics, religion, commerce and industry that this prevails, in the personal and family life silence is used to hide the truth.

It is not the tactfulness of silence that I refer to here but the deliberate and considered acts of silence that cause harm. The silence that prevailed in the Catholic Church that served to enable pedophilia to persist is a prime example.

However it’s when we start to look at our own lives and discover where others have been less than honest with us and by doing so have created unnecessary hurt and confusion. It is true to say of course that most people exist in a world of half- truths, denial and confusion due to their inability to spend some time discerning the wheat from the shaft. We do this at the cost of our growth and soul’s evolution.

I know a family who deliberately lied and acted out the lies to prevent their parents from knowing one of their sons marriages had broken up. For years, not weeks or months, this charade was played out and all family members colluded to ensure their parents remained ignorant. It was purported to be done to save hurt for their parents. Surely deliberate and persistent lying is more hurtful and in fact totally disrespectful to presume their parents did not have the strength to handle the knowledge.

I recall a personal incident when I strongly suspected my ex was having an affair whilst we were married, I asked him a straight forward question that only needed a yes or no, which would have confirmed or denied my suspicions the response I received was, “I prefer not to answer that.” Of course this was a really stupid answer because the omission of a yes or no confirmed the unpalatable truth that indeed he was having an affair.

It is the weight of a life lived untruthfully that may be causing our unprecedented levels of obesity. When one lives a life of compromise, lying instead of being vulnerable enough to address the truth then emotions run riot, because the emotional body knows the truth and becomes sick in the face of lies. Even the silent lies.

“We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the hateful words and actions of bad people

but for the appalling silence of the good people.”

~ Martin Luther King ~

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