We Are Off! The Sprint to New Years Has Begun

We Are Off! We have rifled and pilfered the best bits of Halloween candy from our children’s bags and perhaps even phoned the relatives to discuss who is bringing which hallowed side-dish to the feast in a couple of short weeks. All of this signals the full court press that the holiday season has become. Here in Las Vegas we are finally seeing the leaves change and the temperature has dropped enough so that the enamel has ceased to melt right off our teeth. (Do not get me started!)

This is a wonderful beginning for me. It marks the year where I experience the holidays in a true and authentic fashion. I sat with myself. I even brought myself a pillow and a refreshing cup of warmth to sip on while I did so. I allowed the moments to float by and reflect upon the many holidays that have impressed my memory banks with their warmth and fun and love of others. Then I sat still and allowed the other view of holidays to present themselves what with their increasing level of chaos, angst, rapid pace and unrealistic expectations. It was baffling for certain and I wondered why this has taken place and when did it start. Luckily, I was guided to understand that the WHY and WHEN are simply a distraction for the new and better experience that awaits me this and every holiday season forthcoming. I am gathering the people and the experiences and the accessory components of the upcoming season that add to my family, my Spirit and my ongoing and increasing level of joy at being here on Earth in this time. I embrace and celebrate my new found strength and ability to exhale and let go. My “to do” list lost an entire page in the first few minutes! This process is increasingly important as the family dynamics change. Everyone’s family is expanding and there may come a time in the near future where we will not all be able to be together for these special times.

The fact of the matter is that I am completely guilt-free from pilfering from my children’s Halloween candy because they are grown. I found myself pleasantly decorating for autumn this year despite this fact. These times are changing but taking on new meaning. I hope that you will find what matters the most and that this discovery will bring great love and comfort and peace to you during the upcoming season. May the new year find you refreshed and empowered by these choices you make now. All of us will be needed to contribute to the peace and love of the Universe as the energies continue to shift so noticeably.

Peg Ashman is the author of Inexplicable Grace-An Adoptee Journeys Home, artist, Reiki Master and Animal Communicator. She is grateful to have variety in each and every day due to her many passions. She is married with 2 grown children and 4 dogs.

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