He Is Not Romantic – Solve This Problem Now!

Making a man romantic can be a hazardous duty, but not an impossible mission. There would be problems and tough situations, waves & tornadoes of hardships. It would be a journey in which you need to get commodious with the negotiations & compromises.

If you are a woman who invests too much time on making your man romantic, but don’t get the desired result, you might be applying those tips that give temporary relief, rather than fix the foundations of your relationship.

Always remember, in order to make your man romantic, first you must set the foundations of your relationship. Once the foundation is set, your man will automatically become as romantic as he used to be. In fact, he will be much more romantic than you ever expected.

In this article ahead, I expect you’ll learn new things and take serious advantages from it. Because, I am going to dig the core problems that prevent your man from being romantic.

Egoistic Problems

We tangle our relationship in the wires of our egoistic principles. Our egos keep us far away from the emotional attachment and doesn’t let us resolve the issue. We become stubborn and perverse, and miss the true path of happiness.

Egoistic principles are the biggest enemies of romance. They never let the two persons connect on a deep emotional level. That’s the reason why most egoistic couples never relish the true feelings of romance in their relationship. They keep themselves composed, authoritative, and mature. Their personalities and egos are always bigger than them.

Don’t get me wrong here. I also agree that personality, principles, and maturity always create a profound effect, but these things are mostly good only in the white-collar lifestyle. It’s not good to bring them strictly in the relationship. Because, the more we bring these things into the relationship, the more we kill the romance. We create conflict and tensions. We start underestimating the feelings of love and overestimating the personal values.

Romance is a very beautiful thing. It can’t grow up under the dark clouds of maturity & egoistic principles. It’s a flower of paradise which can only be nurtured with laughters of joy, little immaturity, thrilling fun, and happy love. It has the power to make every second of life beautiful, and it keeps the love alive throughout the relationship.

So, if he’s not romantic, just focus on ending the egoistic principles of your relationship. Talk, negotiate, and compromise. Just do whatever it takes to end them. This should be your very first step if you want your man to be romantic for entire life.

Wrong Tasks

Stop assigning the wrong tasks to him. This will create tensions in his mind. He’ll focus more on solving the tensions rather than being romantic with you. A man can never be romantic if his mind is trapped in some problem. He cannot even sit comfortably until the problem is not resolved. It’s in his nature; he can’t do anything about it.

For making him romantic, it’s necessary that you keep his mind free from the problems – as much as you can. Don’t assign the wrong tasks to him. Assign only those tasks that can be easily attained. Keep things simple & straight. And, don’t confuse the things. Confusion makes it difficult for a man to solve the problems.

Now you must be thinking what are the wrong tasks, and how you wrongly assign them to your man.

Let me give you a simple example: Don’t compel your man to resolve the relationship issues. Now I am not saying that he can’t resolve them. Yes, he can. But, it’s not easy for him. He’s a logical thinker. He doesn’t know much about emotion & feelings; he doesn’t know how to handle them.

Moreover, he’s not good in the conversations like women.

Of course, he loves you. Of course, he wants to resolve the issues. But, you can’t always expect him to resolve the issues perfectly. You have to help him out. You have to give his mind a direction so that he can spot the core problems and fix them.

In addition, give him one task at a time. This is the right way to assign the tasks to a man. It gets easier for him to manage the task with an open and free mind. If you’ll give him all the tasks together, you’ll indirectly torture his mind.

And, after torturing his mind, expecting him to be romantic is utterly barbarity.

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