New LED Lighting Options for Christmas & Holiday Decorating

Every year around Christmas, there seems to be some new trend in decorating. This year, we have many new options available for using LED lights in your decorations.

Christmas Lights

Whether for your tree or for the outside of your home, Christmas lights are an essential way we deck the halls each year. Now, we can use them as Christmas lights. String lights using LED’s have many advantages over the old fashioned lights of yesteryear. First, by using them, this drastically reduces the heat the lights give off when placed on a tree or other potentially flammable objects. They simply don’t use nearly as much power as older ones, making them a safer choice to hang on real or live Christmas trees and bushes. Next, we have the fact that they are so much smaller than older lights, making them easier to hang and use in areas where it may not have been possible to place them before. They are also brighter than those older lights, allowing you to use less lights to achieve a similar effect. They also use less energy, saving you on your electric bill.

These holiday lights are also more technologically advanced. With standard holiday lights, each one will only give off one color. This is because the manufacturers actually use white lights as the bulb, and simply place a colored plastic or glass cover over them to achieve the color. Not so with these holiday lights, these handy little lights can actually change colors. In fact, you can get a string of LED based lights where each and every bulb on the string changes to all the colors. If there are any disadvantages to LED’s, it may be that they are a little more expensive upfront than old lighting options. However, the longer you use them, the more money you will save on your electricity bill, making them pay for themselves over the long haul.


There are other types of these decorations as well. You can now buy little figurines in different shapes, such as a Santa, snowman, ball ornament, star, snowflake and many other choices. These figurines can sit or stick on just about any surface and will be lit up for many hours with just button cell batteries or AA batteries. You can also purchase holiday clothing and apparel which features these amazing lights. For example, you can buy a winter hat made into the shape of a reindeer which features a lighted red nose.

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