What Do Men Want in a Relationship? Learn This If You Ever Want to Succeed With Men & Relationships

Relationships can be very fragile. This is because either one or both partners don’t come up to scratch. Women need to know what men usually look for in a relationship so that they can satisfy their men and have a long lasting relationship. The fact remains that men also seek to have a partner who can satisfy them on all counts. Read the following tips which will help you know what men want in a relationship.

A two-way communication
Men would soon get bored and fed up with a woman who is just beautiful but does not have any intelligence to have stimulating conversations with her man. The modern man is as turned on by brains than just a “no 10 body”. He wants timely, honest and loving communication.

Men need a “woman of substance” to compliment them
No man wants to be chosen out of sheer desperation but rather out of emotional want. Secure and self sufficiency in a woman shows that she is confident. This in turn makes the men feel that the relationship has more chances of surviving because she is independent and active.

A compatible partner
It definitely takes “two to tango” and most men want their women to be compatible both in bed and out of it. Sharing a loving relationship with a partner who is compatible both mentally and physically is considered ideal by most men.

Men do not want to be manipulated
Most men hate to be manipulated in any way. They also hate to be rushed into any relationship. They will commit themselves when they are ready. This applies to other areas of the relationship.

Men want emotional stability and growth in a relationship
No relationship can grow strong without a foundation of courage and emotional strength. Men want their women to be able to take responsibility for their own emotional experiences. This means that they have to be mature enough to handle emotions in a responsible manner.

Fidelity ranks high in a relationship
Like women, men too want their relationship to be honest and true. A woman who is trustworthy and faithful is considered an asset today. Men love woman who do not have a “roving” eye and who stays committed.

Intimacy is the secret of a long and loving relationship. Men want sensual and close intimacy with their partners. A woman who is open and ready to share their most intimate feelings, emotions and desires with their mates is considered highly attractive. Precious moments in a relationship are born out of true intimacy.

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