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A woman is a beauty that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Her smooth skin, flowery emotions, and desirable body always make a man feel that he is over the moon. Sometimes she’s mesmerizing, sometimes she’s emotional, sometimes she’s dynamically beautiful, and sometimes she’s wildly sexual. Her every aspect holds the true beauty of the entire universe.

It’s very tough to point out specific things that men love about women. Because, men love everything about women. The soft skin, emotional nature, and mesmerizing beauty badly attract the masculine nature of men and ignite the fire in their feelings.

You possess thousands of attraction-triggers. And, any one of your attraction-triggers can create a hypnotic effect on your man.

First, let’s check what men love about women leaders. Let’s check what distinguishes the women leaders. Because, men from all over the globe attract towards them.

I raised this question in front of my psychologist friend. He told me very interesting & astounding things about the women leaders and explained to me why they create hard attraction. He said, the feminine way of leading is kind of erotic for men. Because, women who lead show more resilience in day-to-day lives and break the rules more often than men. Their nature demeans the boredom from the relationship, and invite the thrilling, new moments constantly.

And, that’s what a man loves about them.

In addition, he asked me a question. What’s more thrilling in the jungle? Living with a lioness, or living with a cat? And, like most of the other men, I chose the lioness.

His this question made me realize that we human beings have a defensive default mode. When we see people who have an aggressive mode, who love to live a vibrant life, who love to discover new things, we automatically chase them. Their open, mature thinking, and passionate life, compel us to live like them, and with them.

We get the same feelings from the ‘Female Celebrities’ too. They also break the rules and invite the new, thrilling activities. But the only difference is, instead of acting like a leader, they express the immense level of sensuality and generate the emotional & sexual feelings inside men. Female celebrities perceive so well that their sensuality is the biggest weapon for keeping the attraction alive.

And, you can see how men drool over female celebrities and love every bit about them.

I have given you the above examples so that you can understand how the overall image of a woman works.

If you have no idea what qualities you possess, then you are at the very right place, right now. I am going to reveal 1 simple & dynamic way that can help you to make a man love everything about you.

How You Treat Yourself?

You should always ask this question to your own self on a constant basis. It’s very necessary. The more you ask this question to yourself, the more you adopt those attitudes that men love. Asking this question helps you to give a man many reasons to love you more and more, again and again.

Any small sign, any small reason, and any small gesture of you can make a man fall in love with you. You’d be surprised to know that sometimes your small gestures become more attractive to him than your overall persona.

Let’s take an example from movies. Why men extremely love the female celebrities? Why they love them a lot? Well, it’s because the movie directors, and the script writers, use harbingers of desirability in the persona of female celebrities in order to gain the attraction of men. Movie directors, and the script writers, understand that visual things attract men. Even the smallest desirable gesture, act, or attitude of a woman can capture his heart & mind.

If you watch movies closely, you’ll find that female celebrities treat themselves in an immensely desirable manner and make the men feel extremely happy in their presence.

Sometimes they make wishes in a very sweet manner while closing their eyes, or in the middle of the conversation. Sometimes they do playful dancing when they feel happy. Sometimes they greet their man with a very sweet & passionate smooch. And, sometimes they sing while laughing out loud.

From their soft hands to their pretty feminine voice, each and everything attracts men. It’s impossible for me to give you a complete list of those things that men love about them. Because, there are millions of desirable qualities which they possess.

I have given you the above examples so that you can perceive what desirable qualities you own, and how can you make a man fall in love with you.

If you ask me what I love about my girlfriend, I especially love when she gets puzzle into something. Her little confused and a little worry look fire up the loving emotions inside me. At that time, I get that it’s time to take her in my hug, kiss her, and solve the puzzling situation.

One more thing which I love the most in her is when she don’t get how to open things. She needs my help in opening the bottles, boxes, and attaché-cases etc. Her vulnerability makes me feel like a man, a proud man.

It’s a great feeling to be so needed.

I know some of you might be thinking that it’s a negative point. But, the fact is, it’s not. In fact, it’s one of the sweetest thing which makes the heart of a man jiggle with love feelings.

So, if you want your man to love everything about you, just treat yourself like a desirable lady.

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