Why Men Lie? The Three Most Common Reasons

Women often complain about men being dishonest to them and how painful it is to be lied to. Everyone knows that life could be so much easier if people always said the truth instead, but one of the main issues that people need to understand is the reason why men lie.

There are so many relationships that have blossomed and failed simply because of the destructive nature of lies. While women are quick to acknowledge their fears, it seems that men have a harder time dealing with their fears which is essentially the one main reason they choose to lie.

Today, we are going to take you on a trip into the minds of men who choose to lie in order to be able to understand what the three most common reasons are behind their choice to lie to women. After all, being able to understand why men lie can help you to fully develop a much stronger relationship by being able to look deeper into the situation to make it easier to avoid having to deal with lies in the future.

To Make A Good Impression

One of the first reasons that men lie is that they are hoping to make a good impression by fabricating stories simply because they are afraid that you will not like them if they told you the entire truth.

According to statistics, 79.3 percent of men often lie to women when it comes to their jobs, the amount of money that they earn, and other aspects which are associated with their financial status. It seems clear that a lot of men are actually quite insecure about their own status which is why they feel the need to lie.

It may seem funny at first but the truth is that a lot of men today believe that women will only be impressed by people who own a mansion by the beach, drive a fancy car, and wear the finest clothes which is why a lot of men – especially the insecure ones – will often lie about these things in order to gain a woman’s interest.

To Take Advantage Of You

Now, the next reason we are going to look into is the one that seems to annoy women the most: the fact that there are men in the world who lie simply to take advantage of women.

There are a lot of men who choose to lie in order to get the things that they want. But what women need to understand is that men who lie do so because it seems to be one of the most effective ways for them to get what they want.

Women everywhere have been promised numerous things only to end up disappointed by the outcome. Nevertheless, men throughout history seem to be able to get away with it – over and over again.

Perhaps men are simply looking to fill an empty void in their lives which they are unable to do so by being completely honest. But it is really nothing personal. They are just scared of being turned down by women which is why they resort to lying.

To Avoid Hurting Your Feelings

Finally, it seems that the most common reason why men lie is to avoid hurting your feelings. It can be quite contradictory for men to lie to women to avoid hurting them when one of the main reasons that women end up hurt is because men choose to lie. But there is a logical reason behind this.

A perfect example would be a man who comes home late at night from work after he decides to spend time with his buddies. Once confronted by a woman, the man will have the option to say the truth or come up with a lie.

But the problem here is that the woman will most likely become upset if he said the truth which is why he will most probably end up saying that he had to work overtime because of a deadline or some other lousy excuse as to why he couldn’t come home earlier.

It is safe to say that men do not like drama in general. Being placed in situations that are overly dramatic can be very stressful to men and that is why they sometimes lie in order to avoid dealing with these types of confrontations.

The same thing applies even when it comes to simple situations such as when women ask men if they look good in certain clothes. Even if the men want to say that there is something else that might look better, women tend to act immature and end up saying silly things like, “I knew it! You think I’m fat!” or something along those lines.

Men are often reprimanded for telling the truth simply because women are not happy with the truth and so a lot of these men have come to find the easy solution to an otherwise unpleasant situation which unfortunately involves lying.

There will definitely be other more specific reasons as to why any man would choose to lie. But if you were to look deeper into the situation, you will often find that there remains to be a certain degree of fear behind it all.

Of course, life would be so much easier for everyone to simply be straight-forward and honest which exactly the reason why women who seek love should always be prepared to appreciate and encourage truthful behavior whenever possible in order to show men that it can be rewarding to tell the truth instead.

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