This Is Married Life For Most Of Us! Hope, The Elixir Of Life

In every relationship/marriage,

the love fades with the time,

as novelty evaporates,

and familiarity breeds contempt.

The spouse, may not dislike you,

may not hate you,


will not love you all the same,

as during the honeymoon days.

Mutual respect comes down,


taking each other for granted,

politeness, courtesy is for friends or strangers.

The love between two imperfect individuals,

is often conditional,

when violated in later years,

the differences crop up,

arguments may lead to violent encounters.

There is hostile or cold ambience,

it calls for accepting the reality objectively,

thanking each other for decades of good old times,

the shared life, the hopes and goals achieved,

and not to display intolerance over present issues,

for the sake of family.

A cold, functional relationship,

with diluted warmth of earlier days,


If only a spouse,

could shed the ego,

initiate efforts to repair the relationship;

the ego does not permit,

‘why should I be first’?

Ego forbids to bend.

Both live a mechanical, bland life,

and miss the warmth of earlier days,




We all hope,

for the better.

The present woes, enmities, disappointments,

we hope will evaporate in the near future.

It does not work out that way.

Our commitments, our disagreements,

come back to us,

in future,

if not addressed satisfactorily.

We postpone the vital unpleasant issues,

get into easy, non-essential activities,

and accumulate self-created problems.

We have temporary peace.

Unable to call a spade a spade,

scared of taking a tough stand,

trying to please everybody,

prolonging the agony for years;

within the family, with the friends;

hoping time is a great healer,

till death solves the problem.

God takes away one of the aggrieved party.

If wishes were horses,

and God granted me the wish,

I will discard my reluctance,

analyse frankly, transparently,

why my problems could not be solved,

all these years.

Some of my friends,

believe only they,

are assets in my life,

insist for me to dilute interaction with others,

who are playing havoc in my life.

The same view is held by my other friends.

Unable to tell them on their face,

‘ you both are biased ‘,

trying to appease all my friends,

I suffer silently,

for not being bold enough,

May be most of us are in the same boat.

Insensitive souls are blessed,

for they are not aware, whom they hurt.

Not heeding to my friends’ advice,

taking objective, balanced approach,

I am not trust worthy.

I yearn for all my friends,

refuse to take sides.

Hoping against hope,

I will win approval, respect and trust,

of my all friends.


is the greatest blessing God has given us.

Thank you God.

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