Making the Holidays Easier, One Stamp at a Time

If you’re like most people, the thought of sending holiday cards out each year is a chore and something you’d rather avoid. You may decide to send out an email but in reality, you would like to find an easier way to send out the holiday greetings in the postal mail. Sending out a family picture or other small gifts is easier when you have a card to go with it but the effort of addresses and labels can be overwhelming. Did you know with custom self-inking stamps, you can eliminate a lot of the hassle and trouble? These stamps allow you to customize them with your address and information.

Ordering the right Stamps

When ordering an address stamp, you may feel overwhelmed. There are many options and choices to make from the print size to the colour of the ink; how can you decide which stamp to buy and how to customize it? Here are some things to consider when ordering custom self-inking stamps:

1. Where you will be using it? Some people prefer their return address on the back of envelopes, which allows for a larger stamp to be used. Otherwise, it has to fit on the upper left corner of the envelope.

2. Do you want it to be elegant or simple? If this is for a home business or other professional use, you may want to use a simple font. Some address stamps can have a monogram effect, pictures, or even various colours to bring personality to the stamp.

3. Will it be used just by you or your family as well? Your business custom self-inking stamps should have just your name or business name on them rather than your entire family and dog.

4. Is it a good time to make a statement? You’ve seen the stamps that contain a cross, flag, or other icon that makes a clear statement about the sender. Some situations may be okay with these types of symbols while it could hurt your family or business to have these symbols open displayed.

5. Should it be colourful? There are some colours that look clearer than others and with some recipients having colour blindness; it is wise to not go overboard with the stamp colours. After all, if your clients or recipients can’t read the address, the stamp isn’t doing the job.

Custom self-inking stamps allow you to just stamp on the address you want. This can save time and energy by giving you the option to just push and the address is on the envelope. It can give any envelope a professional and neat appearance rather than your handwriting in the corner or on the back. Your recipients can easily read the address and may even decide to keep that portion of the envelope so they have your address. It is a convenient and can make the holidays easier if you want to send out personal cards to family and friends.

If you like to send out postal mail around the holidays or for your business, buying custom self-inking stamps is a great way to make it easier. From a variety of colours to fonts, your stamp can showcase your name as well as your logo and business.

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