How to Make Him Want to Be Your Boyfriend? Focus on These 7 Tips If You Want This to Happen

Have you been going out with someone and now you’re thinking that it’s time to move up the relationship ladder? Or has your male buddy been your best friend long enough? He might just be everything that you’ve ever dreamed of but keep in mind that one wrong move could send him away. Here are some tips to make him want to be yours:

Map your plans.
Since you’re planning on making a boyfriend out of your pal or date guy, then you have to cement all of your plans. You have to know what strategies to make, for instance, would you invite him out for a special dinner where, hopefully, your conversations would turn into more romantic stuff?

Fish out for some info.
Don’t rush him into talking about personal things all at once. Do things slowly, take him through a step-by-step journey. Once he feels that he can freely confide to you, then he’ll have you in mind when he would finally choose his girlfriend.

Bring on some flirting.
Courtship will never ever be considered successful without even the smallest trace of flirting. Bring on those moves that would truly captivate him – sway those hips, smile, use those charming eyes, and don’t forget to utilize the power of your warm touch!

Look the part.
Alright, so you’re planning to become his girlfriend? Then why not look the part? Be the gorgeous, super-hot woman that you believe you are. Men fall for the most gorgeous looking women – just make sure that you couple this confidence with being intelligent or he’ll be out running the moment you start opening your mouth.

Never cross that line…
Guys never want girls who look through their shoulders or who hover. Show this man that you value his space and he’ll be lining up to become your boyfriend!

Show him that you’re a lot of fun.
For this guy to want to become your boyfriend, you’ve got to show him that he’s in for lots of fun, that there wouldn’t be boring and predictable moments with you. Try the activities that he finds interesting, don’t limit your idea of fun to watching chick flicks and eating out.

Let him drool for more.
Let him wait, cancel some dates, and he’ll keep begging for more. This is the wonder called male species! They want to chase and hunt and zero in on the prey. Be slightly unavailable and he’ll go crazy for you!

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