How Do I Make a Guy Interested by Playing Hard to Get! These Tricks Work Really Well in Most Cases

One time-tested formula in keeping a guy interested is playing hard to get. Playing this part well is actually an art and isn’t as easy as it is often thought to be. You need to give subtle hints, act a certain way, and withhold some information about you. It could be tricky but constant practice should make you an expert in no time.

Don’t call even when you’re overtly tempted to.
This is probably the most common scheme to get a man to notice you. When a man gets a hold of your phone number, he will most likely call in a day or two. During the waiting period, don’t give in to the temptation of calling him. Let him be the one to make the first call.

Don’t spill all the information about yourself on the first date.
You should make him work hard to get a piece of information about you. It’s not wise to tell him your life story on the first, few dates. This would make him feel that each new date would mean unraveling more of you each time.

Never make yourself too available for him.
When a man feels that you’re always there when he asks you to, then he won’t feel any thrill anymore. Learn to say no to some of the dates that he’s offering. This would drive him nuts and his next move will be to chase you.

Be the ultimate teaser.
He will associate this to your being a temptress. You could make suggestive moves then just when he’s about to reach for you, pull back and see his reaction!

Don’t make him predict your next move.
Wouldn’t it be great if he’s constantly up on his toes and wondering what you would do next? You can try to initiate sexual hints during moments that he least expects them.

Go and have a life of your own.
Being boring is the most dreaded characteristic that men shun. Make him feel that you have a life of your own and that your activities and schedules don’t revolve around him. Have your own hobby, go out with friends; in short, don’t waste your time waiting for his call every day.

Elude him.
Just when he thinks that you’re about to agree to go out with him, just tell him that you have something else to do. Or you can go away for a while and come back when he’s already aching to see you!

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