How to Make a Guy Finally See You As His Potential Wife & Marry You – This Will Work For You

It is important to ask yourself why you desperately want him to marry you. There are many wonderful reasons like true love, children, security etc that could be your answer. But you have to be realistic and look at the issue rationally. This is because you don’t want to wake up one day and regret making him marry you. However if you are absolutely sure that he is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with – here are some ways to goad him into marrying you.

Is he truly committed to you?
There is no point of you thinking of marriage if he is not really committed to you. If he has instead a fear of commitment and marriage it will not be easy for you to make him want to settle down unless he gets rids of those fears. Find out first if he is truly in love with you and won’t balk at the thought of marriage.

How long have you been dating?
It depends on whether you have been dating your man for a long time or not. This is an important factor to consider because getting your man to marry you does not happen in a jiffy or overnight! It takes time for you to get to know each other better. Once he knows you and loves you – accepting your strengths and weaknesses – it is easier for him to consider marriage.

Enjoy your relationship
Relax and enjoy your relationship, letting things take their course. In due time, he should know whether he wants to propose to you or not. Being under stress and tension about whether he is going to propose or not will make you unhappy and unable to enjoy the relationship. This in turn will sour things and push him away.

Plan to woo and romance him
If you have gotten real close and feel it is time you pushed him towards proposing to you, then it is time to plan romantic evenings which will prompt him to commit to you further. Don’t be afraid of letting him know how you feel towards him so that he knows where he stands in your life and will not be afraid of rejection.

Prove that you are an excellent companion
Once your man realizes that you are an excellent companion, compatible on all counts there is no way he is going to want to lose you. Satisfy him mentally, physically and emotionally and he will want you around for life.

Your qualities will help you
If a man is on the lookout for a wife, then he is unconsciously looking for those qualities that will prove her to be a good wife and mother to his children. Patience, understanding, caring and willing to share responsibilities are what he should see in you. Once you can prove yourself he will propose.

Not around forever!
Another sure way of making him propose to you is to let him know that you won’t be around forever! The fact that you are still free and available will make him face the fact that you can be snatched right from under his nose! If he doesn’t want to lose you – he will propose!

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