Make Your Child Smile With A Letter From The Easter Bunny

Easter is a very special and religious time of the year. Whilst we must not forget the true meaning of Easter, we can still rejoice in the tradition of giving Easter Eggs. We all love to organise an Easter Egg Hunt for our children, as it is fun for everyone.

Easter time is nearly upon us and your children are looking forward to the Easter Bunny visiting your home to bring chocolate treats for everyone. Make their day even more special by giving them a letter from Mr Easter Bunny himself.


Easter is on its way and is my favourite time of the year. I hope you are as excited as I am and getting ready for this wonderful time.

Most of us forget what Easter is all about, so let me explain. Long ago, Jesus rose from his grave on Easter Sunday to show us that God still loves us all and HE forgives us for all the naughty things we have done. Jesus came back to tell us that we should stop fighting, love each other and live happily together. So, you should try to be nice to everyone, especially Mummy and Daddy, so that we can all laugh and be happy.

Did you help Mummy and Daddy make an Easter bonnet for you to wear in the Easter Hat parade at your school? It is such fun isn’t it?

I see that you have been very good this year as my friend Santa who visited you at Christmas, told me you were still on his nice list. He said you are doing well at school, are helping Mummy and Daddy with your chores, behaving well with your teachers and playing nicely with your friends. You have made me very pleased with you and I am happy to say, I will soon be visiting you at your home, with an Easter present. Keep looking, as I have hidden some smaller eggs in the garden!

Well, I better get everything ready and set out on my journey. I am excited to see your face when I leave your Easter basket this year.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Easter!

Hippity Hop and I am on my way

Lots of bunny kisses,

The Easter Bunny

This letter will cost you nothing, but will be priceless, when seeing your little one’s faces when they receive it before the Easter Bunny comes to visit this Easter.

Christmas time is a wonderful time of the year for families everywhere. There are many ways to celebrate but what is better than to send the children you love, a letter from Santa. For more free letters for all occasions please visit []

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