Loving the Messiness of Life

On the journey through life we all have the potential to be fully awake, alive, and learning how to be a complete adult. It is a journey without a destination and our potential is never exhausted, yet we are compelled forward.

Some choose to simplify life as much as possible in order to reduce anxiety. This may be done by choosing a particular belief system to explain the unexplainable and putting on blinders to anything that does not conform to that view of life. Others focus on control and live under the illusion that if they fret hard enough they can control and predict the course of their path. Still others assume a strategy of appeasement and avoidance, taking a stance of perpetual immaturity.

Most of the clients I work with are choosing to learn to embrace the messiness of life and to respond with as much honesty as they can muster. The path to maturity involves choosing to confront the dilemmas of life and recognizing that you have choices to make. Many times the choices involve pain, but if they are made with integrity and respect for yourself and others you grow forward. Avoidance and staying in a comfort zone keeps you stuck, whereas working through anxiety causes growth.

Relationships are often the crucible, as they show us where we are stuck, how we are hiding, and present dilemmas to us. When we are able to assume responsibility for our growth, learn to speak the truth in love, and stand on our own two feet, we move forward. Sometimes your partner may not be ready for this or will resist and try to keep you in line through manipulation or avoidance. You must allow your partner to move at his or her own pace and remember you have no control or responsibility for his or her growth. All you can really do is move forward and invite your partner to join you on the journey.

Challenge your default ways of responding to the stress of life and relationships. They are remnants of childhood and do not help you. Seek instead to respond with patience, honesty, and openness to learning what this moment offers to teach you. When you embrace the messiness of life it somehow seems a little better. When you learn from each moment you grow forward. Growing forward as an individual changes not only you but your relationship as well.

My passion is to inspire all my clients to imagine new possibilities for their lives and walk with them as they bring it into reality. I view my work with clients as a partnership in discovery. I specialize in helping executives and other professionals build stronger marriages and create more balanced and sustainable success. For more information: http://www.reimaginemarriage.com/study-course/

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