How to Live Happily Ever After With Him?

A woman remains a confuse person throughout her relationship. She hears that happily married couples live happily ever after too. She doesn’t expect that the outcome of her beautiful relationship can ever become destructive. But, after a few years, her mindset changes. She sheds tears of hopeless feelings and forms her decisions based on the fear of missing her man.

Fictional movies & stories create a beautiful picture of relationship in our mind. From our childhood, they put a false seed in our minds and teach us that once we get love, everything gets beautiful. Life becomes heaven. But, as we grow up in our lives, that seed becomes a strong tree – a strong tree with the spurious roots.

We fall in love, feel the chemistry, get exceptionally happy, and think that everything which we heard in the past was so true. We feel that our love story is the only most beautiful story of this world, and we are blessed.

However, as we get married, and as some time flies away, the true picture of life appears in front of us. And, that time we realize that we have been brainwashed. Everything is not that beautiful. In fact, there are hardships too.

Especially for a woman, this true picture of life becomes very cruel. She feels like her dreams of roses has been struck hard by a steel rod. The cruel reality demeans her hopes of the beautiful future and pushes her towards desperation. Her man starts to ignore her, crushes her expectation, fights on small matters, and even runs after other women.

If you are one of those women who desire to live happily ever after, you must have read the advices of relationship experts… The irony is that most of those advices give a temporary relief instead of setting the foundation of love & happiness. After some time, we again see ourselves trapped in the same hardships.

So, I thought I’ll share some solid tips with you so that you can easily set the foundations of love & happiness in your relationship and live happily ever after with your man. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the early stages of a relationship, or you have passed 5 decades with your man, these below tips will bring back the spark of love in your relationship, and you’ll notice your man making efforts for earning your affection.

He’s a Tree

A man is like a tree. He needs water but also air to breathe. Too much air will shatter his dry leaves and overwatering will kill him too. Only the good amount of both things can keep him strong, green, and happy.

By nature, some women are providers. They provide too much in the relationship and go the extra miles for meeting the needs of their men. It’s like they overwater the tree. And, what happens then? After some time, their every hard effort becomes worthless. Their men don’t take them seriously. The attraction dies.

On the other hand, by nature, some women are ignorant. They stay in their egos and only care about their own personal needs. It’s like they give too much space to their men. They contemplate from the start that only their needs are significant and their men don’t need them. So, what happens then? Their men try to find happiness somewhere else and start to spend time with that woman who fulfills their needs.

You must balance both things. Fulfill the needs of your man but also give him the space to breathe. Remember, your man’s psyche is like a tree. Overwatering will finish him, and over ignorance will drain him. So, balance everything.

Express Directly

Men talk straightly & directly. Their mind can’t easily perceive the indirect suggestions, or poetic conversation. You cannot always expect them to understand your true feelings. In fact, sometimes you can’t even expect them to understand your simple words.

You must have seen the level of miscommunication & misunderstanding with your man. And, I know, that situation must have made you angry too.

A man’s mind cannot process the tough patterns of conversation. And, that’s the reason why most men are not good conversationalist. A man is always very simple & direct in the conversation. Since his childhood, he expressed his feelings directly. He expressed himself through his action more than his words. He doesn’t know how to express and understand the feelings through mysterious conversations and certain actions.

It’s not his fault. Nature has built him in that way.

Notice children, and you’ll get that the baby girls always use more words than the baby boys in the conversation. A baby girl is always better in the conversation than the boy of her same age.

You need to express your feelings directly. Tell him directly what you want & what you wish him to do. If you want him to give you flowers, tell him directly that you love flowers. If you dress up specially for him, and in case he doesn’t notice, tell him directly. There is no need to feel weird. Express yourself directly & demand what you want.

When you express yourself directly, he feels embarrassment. He considers about his actions and tries to improve himself. And, eventually, he starts perceiving your true feelings more carefully & correctly.

Predictability Feeds the Boredom

Predictability is an attraction killer. It gives the kiss of death to the relationship. If you want to live happily every after with your man, don’t let your this enemy win. And, in case it wins, you won’t have the 100 percent hold on your relationship.

Have you ever read the theories from the magazines that why men don’t call? If you have read, you must have noticed that the predictability is the actual enemy. It compels men to pull back and look for other women.

So, killing the predictability, and the boredom, should always be your top priority…

Show your man that you are an interesting woman, and his relationship with you is always unpredictable, thrilling, and fresh. He’ll come back to you, and he’ll love to spend his time in your arms.

A man loves fun & unpredictability in life. New surprises, thrilling activities, and passionate moments keep him in the dynamic state. When you provide him these things, you live happily ever after and become the most special prize for him.

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