Lessons Learned From 9-11 Bystanders

You may be gone, but you are not forgotten. You were innocent bystanders in a world of chaos and iniquity. Your position in the world at that particular moment in time, on this planet we call earth, ultimately determined your agonizing faith. It was a tough lesson to all of us. Even tougher for those who lost someone close. It reminded us how life can be snatched at a moments notice. It can happen to anybody, at anytime, anywhere.

Your demise was not in vain, it brought a people together to care for their neighbors. A feat unprecedented at any particular time in the history of the Union. It forced people to put aside their petty differences and to love their neighbor, state, and country. An even more important lesson learned by many was that life is short. It has taught me to be more patient and to try my best not to rush in everything I do. I have learned through experience that I have made some of my greatest mistakes when I am rushing.

I have taken a vow to be more thankful for some of the smaller things in life, like thanking God for my ears and eyes because I can hear and see great. I have made it a point to cherish, honor and love my family and friends; to always strive for constant self-improvement through reading and to always share what I have learned with whomever will listen.

I have learned to find comfort in silence and solitude for it is then; and only then that I can slow down my thoughts and converse with the almighty creator. Because of what you went through, I have learned to make it a point to let those I love know it. I don’t just think it anymore but I say it. I have learned to slow down, appreciate the smaller things and not let life rush pass me. For this lesson I am forever grateful and I can sincerely say Thank You.

The idea for this article came to me one day when I looked at my watch and it was exactly 9:11am. i immediately had flashbacks of 9:11 so I grabbed a pen and paper and of I went. A great person once said “hunches are creativity trying to tell you something so always follow your hunches” you never know where inspiration may come from.

Eb. Grant

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