How To Know If He Really Loves You Or If It’s Just An Act! These Tips Will Clear Up Your Doubts

To answer this complicated question, it’s important to focus on his actions instead of his words. Here’s some actions that can tell you one way or the other if he’s for real when he uses the “L” word:

He Listens

If he doesn’t simply wait for his turn to speak, that’s a great sign.

You can be certain that when he’s in an important work meeting, he’s listening. When his friend is telling him a great story, he’s listening. If a guy really loves you, the fact you’re talking to him candidly should mean everything and he will pay attention.

He’s There For You

Life’s tragedies and bad events can have a silver lining attached to them if you are trying to see if your guy really loves you.

When you are in the middle of a catastrophe (you get laid off from work, your cat dies, etc.), is he there for you? You can’t expect a man to always drop everything, but if you are desperately needing someone, he will make every effort possible to be there for you if he loves you.

He Makes an Effort With Your Friends
A guy who loves you and cares about being in your life as long as possible will not want to cause problems with your friends or be disliked by them.

If he puts up with your obnoxious girlfriends, hangs out with your gay guy friends no matter how uncomfortable he may be at times, etc., it’s a great sign that he isn’t lying when he tells you he loves you.

He Tries to Get to Know Your Family, or Has Asked to Meet Them

A guy who is lying about how he feels and his true intentions with you will not care about meeting your family; he will definitely not care about their opinion or try very hard if he does meet them.

He might try hard and be charming with your family even if he’s full of it, it just depends on if he’s bored with you yet or not. There’s a possibility also that he’s just a nice guy and won’t be disrespectful even if he doesn’t really love you.

His Memory Can Say it All

We can’t be perfect all the time, and nobody is or even comes close. However, the amount of things that a man remembers about you and your time together can say a lot about his true feelings.

For instance, a guy who truly does love you is far more likely to remember the day you met, when your birthday is, what your middle name is, the town you grew up in, what your absolute favorite candy is, etc. If you mention something more than once and he still doesn’t remember, that’s a very bad sign.

He Isn’t Secretive

If the man in question has a password protection on his cell phone, has a camera that he doesn’t want you to look through, a Facebook page that he doesn’t want you to see, a laptop that he won’t let you use, or anything similar to this, it only points to the worst case scenario.

A man who loves you will not want to appear shady or like he’s hiding anything from you. The man who engages in the types of behavior listed above is seeing other women and has plenty of things he doesn’t want you to know about.

He Makes as Much Time for You as He Can

Sure, he’s probably busy. You’re busy. Everyone is busy. Keep in mind, however, that a guy who says he loves you and means it will wan to be with you as much as possible.

There will always be times when he has other things he absolutely must do, but for the most part, he won’t put the little things ahead of you on the priority list if he really loves you.

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