How Do I Know If He Isn’t Right for Me? Learn How to Quickly Determine If He Isn’t Right for You

I am sure you have heard several stories about women who fall for a guy and after a few months into the relationship realize that he wasn’t the right one and that’s the time when everything becomes just too hard to handle.

So I am guessing that you are reading this article because you are stuck in a mental cycle of confusion and aren’t sure whether the man you are with is even right for you or not.

Well, worry not! It’s a good thing that you are actually questioning your scenario at the moment as the more you wait, the worse it might get. Here are some useful insights you can use to finally figure out if he is right for you or not…

How do you feel around him? Feelings will reflect the truth…

How do you feel around him most of the time? Do you feel fulfilled, joyful and satisfied most of the time or do you consistently feel down, misunderstood and frustrated?

The feelings you experience around a man will be a very good indicator of whether you are in a nourishing relationship or a toxic one. Because if you consistently experience negative emotions around him then there is something wrong for sure.

In such a situation you have two options, the first one being to talk things out with him and discuss all the areas which need critical attention in your relationship.

Or, if he isn’t getting your point of view and is still sticking to his own then you two weren’t compatible enough to start with and your relationship will end sooner or later as he isn’t the right one for you.

Do you fully accept each other?

Have you fully accepted your man and does he fully accept you? Are you two completely comfortable with each other or are you two always trying to change each other?

There are many couples out there where both the partner’s try to control each other and in the process they create a lot of friction and negative feelings in the relationship.

If you have always struggled to accept your man the way he is, and have always found yourself making efforts to change him in one way or the other then he isn’t right for you. You would be better off going for a man who you can fully accept even with his flaws.

Where do you see your relationship going 5 years down the road?

Can you imagine a future with this man? Where do you see this relationship going 5 years down the road? Can you imagine it being better or do you fear that it might get worse?

If you feel doubtful about this and aren’t really sure where the relationship will be in 5 years from now then this is a very good indicator of how well you really know your man.

If you two were compatible and good for each other, you will have no doubts about the future and will know that things will be far better than what they are at the moment. But if you are doubtful then this is a clear indicator that maybe you are with the wrong man.

Points to remember –

If you mostly feel good and positive around a guy then he is right for you but if you consistently feel negative and poor around a guy then you are in the company of the wrong man. You would be far better if you let him go.
A good relationship is a result of a good mutual understanding and compatibility. If you feel that you two don’t really share a good level of understanding and are sort of just surviving with each other then he is not the right one for you and you will have to end it sooner or later.
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