How to Know If You Are Being Fired Or Your Position Outsourced

Your company just received a Five Million Dollar Contract. However instead of more work for you, there is suddenly less and your Boss is sending work you previously did to another department. Watch Out! Your days of employment could be numbered.

In these tough economic times we all have become more aware of downsizing and outsourcing. The office environment has drastically changed and the competition more evident as we struggle to remain employed. But what can you do if your Boss suddenly stops allowing you to perform the work you are accustomed to and begins outsourcing your job to another department?

There are several things you can do,

Take the direct approach and ask your Boss if you have done something wrong or ask why your work is being sent to another department instead of you? Of course, this approach may not win you any brownie points if your Boss is hoping that maybe you will not notice the changes in work flow.

Remain quiet and keep your eyes open before asking any questions about what you suspect. At least this will not make you appear to be paranoid or you could begin searching for new employment, just in case.

Never take a sick day, though you are feeling under the weather. I highly recommend that you not implement this, unless you have to. If you are sick and need time off, then do so. Why? Because you cannot be productive if you are not at your best. This will not save your job, but may actually cause you to lose it, because you will be more prone to making mistakes if you are ill.

You could make yourself indispensable by volunteering to perform more work, since you have free time. Showing your Boss that you possess other skills other than those previously used in performing your duties. This also shows that you can be utilized elsewhere and may save you from the unemployment line and shows your Boss you are willing perform work outside your usual duties.

Make friends with the best like employee that has the respect of your Boss and always knows what is happening in the office. Ask if he/she has heard anything about future lay-offs or outsourcing in your department. Be careful how you approach the subject and wording of your inquiry, there is no need to alarm other employees of your suspicions. However, in this case you may want to listen more and talk less.
If after you have implemented the above steps and you suspect that your job is on the chopping block. My advice to you is “Start Looking for New Employment.” Because if your job is on the line or being outsourced you will always be the last to know. Do not wait until you have no options and your Boss is the winner and you find yourself unemployed and without resources.

However, if you have been prudent and thrifty, and have resources to sustain you then relax, wait and see if your suspicions are on target. If you are wrong and have read the signs all wrong, then you will still be gainfully employed and the victor. if not, you are still the victor. Either way you win!

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