How to Keep Him Interested in You? (2 Incredible Tips)

If you ever see yourself handling the painful feelings in the relationship, it simply signifies that your man’s level of interest has been lessened, and your importance has been wrecked. Because, when a man is interested in a woman, he never let that woman stay in a painful state.

Keeping a man interested is the most significant thing that should always be considered first if you want smashing success in your relationship. It solves 90 percent of the problems, water down the conflicts, and raises the level of love.

You can easily earn a man’s interest for a short time period, but it would be very hard for you to sustain & upgrade that interest level for a long-term. Therefore, in this article, I’ll focus on those things that make a complicate relationship easier and keep a man’s interest level at peak.

Keep Everything Up Front

Have you ever thought why men have a lot more fun with their female friends than their significant other? Well, it’s because, they just keep everything up front. They are open & direct. They don’t hide their feelings.

Notice the gathering of men. You’ll find that they are much more simple and direct. They just tell openly what they are thinking, and what they want, without analyzing the situations and the mood of the others… When they encounter a problem, they simply call their friends directly – without thinking anything – and ask for their help. When they desire to have good company, they just call everyone and meet up, without having any specific goal in mind.

This nature of men is enough to understand that you shouldn’t hide your feelings in front of your desired man. This will only invite the disappointment. Instead, talk openly so that his mind can easily process your words and perceive what exactly you are saying.

If you are happy, show him. If you want him to do something for you, tell him. If he’s not responding to your needs, be direct.

Being direct & open is vital if you want to keep him interested in you. By being direct & open, you won’t only drain away the bitterness, but also fix the rough spots of your relationship.

Don’t feel weird. It’s not weird for him. In fact, it’s his way of communication. It’s natural for him. He loves to answer the direct questions rather than guessing what exactly are your feelings, and what’s torturing you. His mind responds to what he sees and what he hears.

If you’ll hide your feelings, or play a mysterious game with him, you’ll only add confusion into the relationship. The crux problems of your relationship will remain unresolved, and he’ll be trapped in the negative mindset.

And, eventually, this thing will damage the relationship.

So, if you want to keep your man interested in you, the very first and the most important thing you need to do is to keep everything up front. This will not only add positivity, but also resolve all the core problems of your relationship.

Romantic Waves

Romance is an addictive thing. It keeps your feelings in an extraordinary delightful state. The more you bring the romantic moments in your relationship, the more you keep your man interested in you. And, your relationship heads towards bliss.

Keeping the romance alive throughout the relationship is very challenging. It’s not that easy. After some time, the passion drowns inside the ocean of boredom, and the excitement gradually fades away.

Here I would love to ask you a few questions… What exactly is romance? Is it only about chocolates, flowers, and candlelight dinners?

If you ask me, “Romance is the advanced form of fun.”

Without fun, you can’t expect to see the true colors of romance… Fun is the foundation of romance. It keeps the romance delightful, attractive, and exciting. It attracts the core feelings and keeps a person in a pleasant, dynamic state.

Therefore, focus on bringing the fun activities into your relationship. Fun activities will automatically transform your man into a romantic person. He’ll become addicted to you and enjoy spending time with you.

Remember one thing here, what’s romantic to you is probably not romantic to him. The romance definition differs between men & women. If you’ll expect your man to be romantic according to your needs, you’ll only invite the disappointment. Because, according to his perspective, the things that make him happy probably make you happy too. That’s why, when he fixes your car, or keep things in their place, he feels that he has done a very romantic thing. He expects the appreciation from you.

In order to avoid the confusion, as I said before, keep everything up front. Talk about romance directly with him in great details.

Ask him what’s romantic to him, and tell him what’s romantic to you.

Tell him about your expectations, and ask him about his expectations too.

An open & direct conversation like this, once a year, will clear all the doubts of the relationship and bring an intense level of romance… You both will not only understand each other feelings clearly but also get emotionally close. The quality of your relationship will improve, and your man will stay interested in you whole life.

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