How to Keep My Husband in My Control When He Keeps Trying to Control Me? Here Is How to Do It

It is wonderful to share a life with someone you love and adore. However a marriage means compatibility and willingness to give as well as take. If you feel that your husband is the type who can easily get out of control and would end up taking advantage of you, then you should do something to ensure that you will in a position of “power” that will keep him under your control! Here are some tips.

Be the ideal wife
If you make him deliriously happy and satisfied in every way, there is no way he would be only too happy to do whatever you want him to do. He will want to keep you as happy and contented and will willingly comply with your wishes and demands.

Don’t give in too easily to his demands
If you think that he is being selfish and too bossy about certain things then it is up to you to make sure you let him know that you are not going to give in to his demands. Let him realize that you are not willing to compromise your marriage in every way and there should be absolute sharing and understanding. This might make him stop his bullying and listen to you.

Be generous in your giving
Are you stingy and selfish but have not realized it? Check and see if you have been reluctant to shower as much love and attention on your husband as he does on you! If this is true then he will slowly begin to resent it and start rebelling. On the other hand if you are generous in your loving and giving – he will be your loving slave!

Be supportive and understanding
Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of support, understanding and tender care to melt your husband’s heart. If you go out of your way to let him know that he is truly loved, there is no way he is going to object if you try to “control” him!

Don’t expect too much of him
Don’t let your expectations and hopes be too high! If your husband begins to feel stressed out and afraid that he is not going to come up to your standards and expectations, he might pull away and refuse to cooperate with you. Be more understanding and love him and accept him as he is – he will be like putty in your hands.

Make him want to please you
The more you satisfy him mentally, physically and emotionally, the more he will try to satisfy you back! Make him want to please you because of the “reward” you will give him! Make him long to please and fulfill your every desire.

Don’t be too demanding and bossy
If you are nagging, demanding and bossy there is no way you will be able to control your husband. Not only will he turn extremely stubborn and resentful but he will hate to bend to your will. The only way you can make him do that is to woo him gently and cajole him into doing what you want.

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