How to Keep a Guy Interested – 4 Humiliating Mistakes Women Should Avoid

Let’s face it, ladies. Everyone has experienced that exciting time when you meet a man and things are fun and vibrant. But then, all of a sudden you do not hear from him as much. Then he stops calling all together. What happened? What went wrong? You’re thinking everything was near perfect. How could he just instantly start ignoring you?

Well ladies, the hard part is actually not finding a man to date. The hard part is knowing how to keep a guy interested in you after the initial excitement. The problem is that so many women think they are doing everything right, but many fail to realize that they may be humiliating themselves rather than impressing him. Worried that you might be committing these dating crimes? Take a look at the following things to avoid when dating.

Avoid sharing how you “feel” with him too early in the relationship. Women are emotional beings and love to talk about their feelings. Men, however, are not. No matter how you look at it, they are just not. In fact, a women who shares her feelings to soon risks pushing him away. Men are just not ready to handle those feelings at the beginning of a new relationship. A man’s bond takes a while to create. Knowing how to keep a guy interested means keeping your feelings to yourself ladies.

Avoid making excuses for him. In other words, if you see that has jerk-like qualities, do not excuse them. A man will actually respect a woman who can call him out on his crap. Show him that you are a woman he has to work for. Otherwise he will see that he can treat you as a woman any way he pleases without any consequences.

Avoid giving too much of yourself too soon in the relationship. Yes, ladies, this includes sex. It is true that men stick around after the first night in bed, but if he feels that there was no effort in getting there, he may continue to tell you what you want to hear just keep getting you in bed. But it is only a matter of time before he gets bored and moves on. Women usually bond emotionally through sex. Men, on the other hand, use women’s emotions to have sex before a bond is felt. Ladies, knowing how to keep a guy interested means knowing how to keep him wanting to know more. Also, do not share everything about yourself in the very beginning. Keep some level of mystery.

Avoid being the mother figure to him too soon in the relationship. Ladies, this one can be tricky. Be very careful when it comes to calling him all of the time and giving advice on what he should or should not do about a certain situation. Men like to feel like men. They do not want to be grilled about where they have been or what they are doing and with who. Being a mom too soon in the relationship could actually push him away and into the arms of another woman.
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