Few Interesting Facts About Internet Relationships

A long weekend stares ahead of him. He has been transferred to this new location for job purposes. The place seems to be devoid of any fun filled activities. He desperately seeks some pastimes to keep him engaged. She is a sweet teenage girl but feels too shy to go on a date because she wears braces. She wants a good friend who won’t comment on her looks.

The internet has opened up a whole new world of interaction for young and old. It is one medium which allows people to connect irrespective of location or time gap. This is indeed an easy and interesting way of knowing each other. Often it has been observed that an individual who can’t open up with his family or even with his girl friend can chat freely with a stranger and share his concerns and worries. Meeting over a social networking site followed by a nice and relaxed chat over a cup of cyber coffee is the new concept of cyber friendship. Let’s discuss what you can gain from such friendships and what you should avoid to maintain a healthy and safe cyber relationship.

Positive Aspects of Net Friendship

Building up a strong bond over internet is not really impossible. Many wonder how this can be achieved without direct interaction! In fact, it is easier to find like minded persons with similar interests by registering with different social networking sites. The interesting thing about internet is that you need not limit your interactions within your community or country. You can broaden your horizons and get in touch with people from different locations. Sharing ideas, views and sometimes personal experiences can be quite enriching and exciting too. Soon you may find yourself drawn to a special someone and realize that the simple word ‘Hi!’ from him, blinking on the screen makes you smile!

Many explore Net friendship as an option to get rid of boredom. On weekends, you will find chat rooms brimming with browsers which may give the impression that you are actually sitting in a normal coffee shop. Romantic liaisons, intellectual engagement, flirtatious chats or casual interactions are few common outcomes of internet relationships.

Few Shortcomings of Cyber Friendships

Online relationships are mostly built on trust. When you start chatting with an individual, you believe what he/she says. The problem is that not all are very transparent about their identities. Often they hide facts about themselves. So, building a castle in the air based on false information can be dangerous. If someone asks your personal information like contact number or address on the very first chat, then be careful. You may really like chatting with the person and feels that he is your Prince Charming or she is your Miss Universe, but still be cautious about proving own details.

Do all these imply a gloom and doom for Net relations? Actually No! You just need to take few preventive steps to build up a genuine and beautiful alliance over internet.

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